End of an era at Patty’s Burger Time Boise Idaho home of the Saturday Night Car Cruise

Patty has lost her lease, we had a chance to have a last beer with Patty Saturday 3-31-12 as she cleaned out her stuff from the drive-in. hopefully we will still have this fine old building as a drive-in. But loosing Patty will be felt by all. She gave us a place to hang out with our cars, great food, live music and so much more. She brought life to the neighborhood including events like trunk or treat where all the neighborhood kids got more candy than they needed. I’ve known Patty for 30 years and I’m sure we will see her doing this all again. Thanks Patty for all the memories

To see more of the fun we had at Patty’s Burger Time over the last four years go to http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com


Hot Rod Swap meet this Sunday March 25 2012 at Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

Patty will be serving breakast during the swap meet


Patty’s Saturday Cruise Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho Hot Rods & Musclecars

Nice day for Febuary. Cool cars and Patty was handing out chilly samples. Now if we just had some beer to go with that.

Baron Janet and her sweet 69 Camaro

Baron David with his newly attached Barons club plaque, ask Janet where her’s is

Baron Henry out for a cruise

More photos of crusin Patty’s http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

Saturday was cold but dry, so a few Hot Rods showed up to Patty’s Burger Time and yes DISCO DAVE was there

Great to see Lee out in his Chevy Impala

You may not recognize Disco Dave in his winter Elmer Fudd hat , but that is him. Disco Pam was smart enough to stay out of the cold

Baron Martin Cloud had his Caddy powered Dodge out for the day . That back seat is big enough for a party, wheres the beer.

January 14 2012 and the Party was at Patty’s Burger Time, see you there next Saturday. She has a great new pickle relish for her Hot Dogs, you should give it a try

1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho


New years day Hot Rod cruise 2012

New years day had two T Willy  cruises on Orchard in 2012. McDonald’s and Burger Time.I ment to start at McDonald’s and cruise to Burger Time. BUT hangover slowed things down. So about 11:00 am we made it to Burger Time for breakfast and since McDonald’s was full, we waited for T Willy and the cars to come to us. So I only have photos from Burger Time. I understand McDonald’s was filled as well as all the lots around them with great cars, sorry I missed some of them, maybe next year.

The Bomb cruisin in from Micky D’s

Always one of my favorite Hot Rods, check out that just right chop.

Mike & Joey closed down the New Years Eve party and still made it to the cruise

Dave had his freshly repaired 57 Chevy out. Yes it is true he pushed it into a tree and his wife helped.

Always a classic

swapping lies, telling war stories, bench racing. Even on a cold New Years day it is great to get together with old and new friends. The Boise Roadster show is coming up in March. If I don’t see you before, I will look forward to seeing you there. Keep them on the streets

The Mystics ROCKED the parking lot at Patty’s Burger Time Saturday night

The party at Burger Time was hugh Saturday night. The Mystics played great Rock n Roll, the band started in the early 60’s and are still playing like it was the 60’s time machime.

There were 3 Vipers at the party and check out the 2 Jags that are with this pair

Rosie’s 65 Red GTO

Saturday was also Patty’s prom,Mike and Joey came dressed up for their photo. I still think Mike looks like a traveling Bible salesman

Hot Rods , Stockers, Musclecars everything shows up to Patty’s. Have you?

Dave with his 57 and Janet with her Camero both made it into the 2012 Patty’s calendar






Baron Dale Miller brought his 1950 Chevy coupe to Patty’s Saturday night

Saturday was the first time Dale has his newly completed Chevy Hot Rod out. Nice job Dale, now get your plaque mounted

Any time is fun time at Burger Time, but Saturday nights are just a bit more fun. Drop by have some great food and fun times