Baron Larry’s Alien Mind Control Deflector


Since Baron Larry’s cow, Daisy, was abducted by aliens Larry has become increasingly concerned about alien mind control. While most people feel that a tin foil hat will protect them, Larry has done considerable research and has found that he’s had no mind control since using this device. The no-cost extra option is that it can be used for your corn flakes in the mornings.

Note the clever disguise to keep the aliens from realizing the device has been installed…

With the extra cost-optional cloaking device, aka cowboy hat, even your closest friends will not be able to tell that you’re wearing the Alien Mind Control Deflector. Get yours now…see Baron Larry for details.

Baron Larry recieved a Cow Sheet post card from the alien cow abductors

A mysterious card arrived in the mail for Baron Larry, it was signed by many hands

Is this your handwritting?

Daisy’s calf

Whats this RF hat on Daisette ?

Baron Larry is vexed…was Daisy abducted by aliens or do MD or RF have something to hide??? Only time will tell…stay tuned, same time, same bat-station for breaking news.

After much investigation I have found proof of Daisy the cows abduction by aliens

I was checking out the tag alien cow abductions on the blogs when I found this.

It sounds like we are lucky to have Daisy back . According to the blog I found they are making lamps out of the abducted cows. Larry you might want to check Daisy for light bulbs

More on the Alien Cow abduction of Larry’s cow Daisy

Every time I think this subject has been put to rest, another Alien sighting happens. You would think  this was Roswell. All that is left of this little green man is his chalk outline on Patty’s sidewwalk. Did Baron Larry find him first? Cow abductions are frowned on out here in the west

It’s too bad he was sent back to the mothership before we could find out what those strange markings on Daisy are

NEWS FLASH ! Daisy the cow returned to Baron Larry

Great news Daisy has found her way back. She showed up at Sunday’s Rumble . We may never know if it was an alien cow abduction or just a cruel joke, but Larry is happy once again.The only odd thing is the strange alien type marking on her hind quarter. Looks like a brand in the form of  MD. Drink Milk? Are they dyslexic? Is it a medical mark for doctor? Maybe ” M”oon”D”oggie can help figure this one out.

Baron Larry first sets eyes on Daisy. Note the eagle also in the photo

Baron Larry asking MoonDoggie about the strange marking on Daisy

Check out Baron Stanley, right hand edge and the Eagle, they have a past…

Yes Baron Larry is kissing his cow

Looks like MoonBeam has never seen a man kiss his cow before

Baron Larry has a little tear of joy at Daisy’s safe return

Baron Debbie, Larry’s wife shows her great joy at the return of Daisy

There is a little more to the story, when you go to and look at the Yanke Rumble gallery you will see Baron Larry has locked Daisy in his 35 Chevy coupe for safe keepng, only later to find her grazing by the sign. Larry you need to keep a closer eye on her or at least on MoonDoggie!

NEWS FLASH important Daisy the cow sighting

This investigative reporter has been given an exclusive on the most important sighting of Daisy yet.I can not divulge my source. But shortly after a strange encounter from a member of the mothership in Baron Larry’s store. I was emailed a photo of Daisy. I have proof that Daisy was not turned into burgers at MoonDoggies party. I believe  we will find the safe return of Baron Larry’s cow this weekend. There will be joy in Marsing again soon.Stay tuned for all the details

Cow Alert ,Abducted by Aliens , Rustlers or a cruel joke

Baron Larry’s prize cow Daisy came up missing after last Saturday’s storm. The storm may have been a cover for alien ships landing and abducting Daisy. Baron Larry does have  landing lights in the same pasture and some very strange things happen at pond just down the road. Then there is the time a naked woman stole the neighbors tractor. You say “It’s Marsing” like these things are normal. I agree , but you don’t steal a mans cow. It is either the aliens or Moon Doggie. I checked the fair , she wasn’t any where near the beer booth, I checked several times. This investigative reporter is not going to let this be swept under the rug. Be sure and send any sighting to me. Except the cow jumping over the moon , we know that is not Daisy

Help Baron Larry bring his prize cow home.

Baron Larry will be at Sundays Rumble , be sure and buy him a beer for comfort.

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