Barons and Burger Time Cruisers in the SNOW in the Holiday Parade

This year’s Holiday Parade came with lots of snow, but not dampened spirits! This is proof that cars won’t actually melt in the snow. It was still lots of fun and we really appreciated the cheers from the spectators who also braved the weather on Saturday.

The Barons were entry #58 in the parade.

A motley looking bunch waiting for the parade to begin.

Vickie’s 1955 Victoria made its debut at this year’s parade. Moondoggie had spent the last 3 weeks burning the midnight oil to get it ready for this event. A special thank you goes out to Jimmy the T, Jamie Hyde, and Bo Anson for their help on the project. And Moondoggie…is that a fanny pack you’re wearing???

Thanks to Stephanie and her niece for marching through the parade with the Barons banner.

Lined up and ready to go…

Thanks to Lani & Kathy for carrying the Patty’s Burger Time banner. 

Baron Rosie and her 65 GTO convertible with Jr. Baron Logan , Patty and Danielle wait their turn to go.

Baron Larry’s younger brother, Paul aka the oldest Jr. Baron, on loan to us from Grover’s Pay & Pack.

Baron Teresa & Hannah, all smiles for the Holiday Parade.

A little snow didn’t the stop the Barons from having a great time! Also…easier to spin donuts!

There will be another post on Baron Debbie & her 54 Ford pickup – check back soon. Vickie’s Vickie looks good!

Check out the  Vickie’s cool Barons license plate and Barons plaque. 

Everybody all lined up in nice straight lines…but did they stay that way???

The Barons always love to follow horses in a parade…especially the hot rod following the Rumbler as it has no fenders!

It’s all worth coming out on a cold, snowy day just to see the smiles on all the kids’ faces!

Thanks to Barons Rick, Jimmy, Teresa, Bo & Jamie, Larry, Debbie, Moondoggie (aka Steve) & Vickie, Trenton & Nicole, and Randy & Susan, and Jr. Barons Dylan, Porter, Brookland, Hannah, and the oldest Jr. Baron Paul. Thanks also to the cars in Burger Time’s entry: Barons Rosie, Joey, Mike, Greg, Patsy, Jr. Baron Logan, and Patty’s Cruisers Martin & Julie Cloud, Bob Austin & family, and Mel Eggleston. Many thanks to Patty for the after party at Burger Time! Drive by and check out the giant snowman the junior Barons built!

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