Pete Rolfe original Baron, British Car Guru and general nice guy is recovering from surgery in Seattle

I just found out two days ago Pete had been the hospital here in Boise for a week and was rushed to Seattle for surgery. His surgery went well and he will be in the hospital for a few days and then recovery in Seattle. Please keep Pete in your hearts, and I hope to see him back in town soon.

I spent many years playing British car games. In fact, I met Pete at Imparts parts store over thirty years ago, and I can tell you I have never meet a bigger British car nut in my travels .

Before Pete became Mr. Sportscar, back in the early 50’s he was a Hot Rodder and an original member of the Barons Car Club. It was because of him that I started the Barons up again.

Very rare B400 Ford that Pete built as a teenager. Long before I ever met Pete I fell in love with this Hot Rod . This car was the reason I became a Hot Rodder. I was telling Pete about my first Hot Rod love one day. He told me he built it, and I said “yeah”. Then he pulled an old worn copy of this photo out of his wallet.

Get well soon friend, we have many more adventures ahead of us…


Silver car auction Sun Valley Idaho Labor day

On the way to Sun Valley you must stop at the junction for refreshments

Sun Valley always has great cars like this Aburn


Rosie wanted to take this XK140 home. We had a XK120 years ago

This guy looked more like he was trying on a pair of pants, than trying to get into this Lotus. Once in he found he had forgotten the keys. Instead of getting out he  used his cell phone to call for someone to bring him the keys

Crosley made cars as well as refrigerators and record players.

In a few days I’ll put the rest of the photos on

1975 SWISCC Hill Climb photo Emmett Idaho

I joined SWISCC the next year with my black Triumph TR4. Raced and Rallyed with these guys for a lot of years.

Old black & white photos from the South West Idaho Sports Car club

Freeze Out Hill climb Emmett Idaho

MGA at Sun Valley Idaho

Emmett hillclimb , I think this is Mic Williams

Is Greg Schwanke the STIG ?

Is  it just coincidence that Stig and Schwanke both start with S? Check out Gregs driving style

Correct driving position with rear engine just like a formula 1 driver

Uncanny resemblance

Greg was forced to retire after an unfortunate wheel barrow racing crash in Idaho.

Some say he has a full head of hair , but wears a bald wig to hide his identity… others say he is married and met his wife in the back of a hippie van in the 70’s . All we  know is he is BARON GREG !!

But is he also the STIG, check the facts and decide for yourself

SWISCC after rallye staring contest

Sun Valley many years ago. Greg Schwanke & June Clark. After several hours someone told them it works better if you take the sun glasses off.

And yes alcohol may have played a part, check out the empty wine bottles on the table

Greg and Patsy Schwanke DNF in SWISCC race

While quite the infamous race, I think we can all agree that Greg’s driving style was the problem. Yes alcohol was a contributing factor

The Great SWISCC Wheel Barrow race

More Sports Car Autocrossing & Ice racing

SWISCC and SCCA racing. The names have been left off the climax contest winners to protect the guilty

The good old days. Yes they really were a blast

Triumph TR4 , TR4a, TR6 & MGCGT

These are a few of the cars we drove in autocross and rallyes with the South West Idaho Sportscar Club , years ago. If you don’t speak MG , the MGC had a 6cly instead of the 4cyl

The MGC was a rare car , but the Triumphs were much more fun. Back then they were just cars and you saw them on the road all the time. Now most are in garages and only out a few times a year. Yes I miss the good old days

Photo of the winter Solstice

Just pulled it out of the garage and by the time I got the door down it looked like this. Decided to take the pick-up

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