Went shopping for white letter tires for the Hot Rod today

I think I found just the vintage look I need

I hope I can find a NO TRESPASSING for the 4th


The old Motor Service City sign is back up , great place to take a photo

Sign from old automobile service plaza. The shops are gone and the sign has a new home

Moon Doggie used to work at the Parts / speed shop and many many many years later Rennie worked at the paint store

Rennie and I will be at Atomic Treasures 409 8th street Boise Idaho for 1st Thursday

Come by and see our Photographic art display and sale at Atomic Treasures in BODO. No thats not Rennie in the photo, it’s an old high school girlfriend, found her on facebook

5:00 to 9:00 PM April 1

Carnival photos carousel horse & brightly painted signs

The colors at the carnival are always a treat. I took these a few years back.




Space age Used car sign Hawkes House of Hardtops

Cool old Jetsons looking sign. I bought a 1972 Mustang from them in the 70’s. It had a quad 8 Track stereo in it


Carnival SideShow Art , See I don’t just take pictures at Patty’s Burger Time

Great side show art from a  CARnival a few years back. Before political correctness they were called freak shows. Where have the side shows gone? Did we quit believing? You can see more at http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com







The Rumbler at the AAA sign shop

Sign shop opened in 1944 , they also did car customizing and sheet metal work. it’s been closed a long time