New Barons member in the UK

Greg Gray is our newest member, when filling out the application he listed his spouse as Carol ( prefers Her Majesty) Gray. The car is a 1930 Model A coupe. Note the 1950 Idaho plate on the car. It was on the body when it arrived in the UK. Welcome and we will be looking forward to your adventures on that side of the pond


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  1. Hi
    I bought the original body about 6 years ago from a guy in New York and it had plates from Boise. I don’t know enough about plates in the US but clearly it was older than 1950.
    All the photos are since I have owned and built it from ground up.
    I have run it at 109mph at the 2016 vintage hot rod speed trials on Pendine Sands in Wales UK b
    It’s original all steel and timber chopped 2 1/2″ mildly channeled over a 1930 boxed z’ed chassis with ’40 Ford juice brakes. Power is a ’64 327sbc with ’59 Powerpak heads backed by M20 wide ratio trans and 3.55gears in a 9″ axle. Normally I run Tri power Rochesters but use the 650 double pumper for racing.
    It is street legal and full of as much
    original kit as I can get my hands on in the UK. The paint is Amethyst metal flake.
    Greg Gray

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