The one that got away

Ok , it’s not the only one that got away. Like many of you I have had lots of cool cars, hot rods , muscle cars , sports cars etc.Some made it to the road and others were sold off as project cars. I loved and need every one of them when they followed me home. The 1949 Merc was really special and I should have finished it. When I was in junior high back in the 60’s a couple of just older guys had a primer 49 and was that ever cool, they even had a car girl named Molly that was always riding with them.I always wanted to be a J.D. with a chopped Merc, finally got one and let it go. I hope it wasn’t that dreaded M word that made it happen. I would rather be a bad boy than a MATURE adult.

merc3 merc3a merc3b



  1. The 49 merc looks like my first car i owned.I bought it in1958
    for $50.00 same color.The hood had 50 louvers in the hood.
    Wish i still had it.It sure brings back good memerys.
    Thanks Larry Baker

  2. Amen to the bad boy status!

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