FIREBIRD RACEWAY IDAHO Spring Swap Meet April 4 2015

21st Annual swap meet , 100’s of vendors , 1000’s of shoppers. If you need it it’s there. If you don’t need it there is someone there that does. If you are anywhere near Emmett Idaho¬† for April 4, and are a gearhead you owe it to yourself to be there. I have been to most of them, and each is bigger and better. See you there.

I'll be there selling ,bring your stuff I'm sure I will need more

I’ll be there selling ,bring your stuff I’m sure I will need more

Thats real fire flames on that Hot Rod

This little roadster was not on fire , but the flame throwers were wild. I am surprised the car didn’t catch on fire.

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Used tires for your Rat Rod, only driven to church by little old lady

Here in Idaho you see old tires used for many things , like flower pots , holding down your roof and signs. I really think one of you Hot Rodder Rat Rodders should paint the NO HUNTING white walls on your car for the next show. I think you will get a lot of looks. I used shoe polish and helped a friend out a couple of years back. He did tell me payback is a female dog

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Hot Rod Art I bought at the swap meet Sunday

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Many people made comments about this piece sitting in the back of my truck. Most were “WHAT”. One guy tried to buy it from me for the nostalgic FENTON shifter handle. I said no, because the guy that built this has a 57 Chevy wagon, tilt nose etc. that used this shifter before it became art. I have know the car since 1974 and it has always been one of my favorites. He told me that he got the car out of a wrecking yard in Pocatello Idaho, late 60’s. It sat on top of another car and the junk yard dog lived in it, so he first had to evict a mean junk yard dog. How could I give up a treasure from this cool hot rod. He still has the 57 and to me this is art and it’s not for sale.

DSC02768 DSC02769 DSC02770

Friends and Hot Rods at Burger Time 3/21/2015

The weather is starting to get good, so we have a few more Hot Rodders venturing out. Today we had the CAN DO photographer and friends drop by for lunch as well as you can see just about any type of wheeled vehicle in the drive thru at Burger Time. 1273 S Orchard in Boise Idaho, The Hot Rods will show up about 5:00 pm on Saturday starting in April. If you live in the area or are passing thru, drop by and say high. You might even get to see Disco Dave in his new 4 speed roadster pick-up

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My High school 1957 Chevy

I bought an Exacta IIB 35mm SLR camera in 1966, since then I have owned many cameras and taken thousands upon thousands of car photos.Back before digital you had to buy film and processing, I did my own B&W , but still taking photos was expensive and time consuming . So you picked your shots. Well I wish I had taken more shots of my 57, but I used my money on taking photos of other cars and my girlfriend. This is the only photo I have of my high school 1957 Chevy. Only black & white no color photo of it’s repaint metallic green . Sold the car and married the girlfriend in 1969. Still have the girl wish I still had the car also.

1957 Chevrolet blog

Ed Big Daddy Roths Dragnut gear shift knob

My wife bought this a couple years back for her

Old Cars , Rock n Roll and Big Daddy will never die as long as we remember

Old Cars , Rock n Roll and Big Daddy will never die as long as we remember

65 GTO. I drilled it and it has been on since.Miss all the coolness of the 60’s

Fans of Burger Time the Hot Rod HangOut cars will be back in April

Beginning in April we will be back to hanging out on Saturday nights at Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho.Cars start showing up around 5:00 PM and friends , Fun , and Great food breaks out. The live Rock N Roll bands will be back in May, but keep an ear out as sometimes Jerry and the Dream Benders sneak earlier if the weather permits. So it’s a good idea to drop by on Saturdays nights for a great burger and just see.

Get there early, the parking lot fills up fast

Get there early, the parking lot fills up fast

Barons Swap Meet March 22 2015 buy sell car parts

Car guys and gals if you are in the Boise Idaho area on March 22 drop by the swap and find treasures for your Hot Rod Rat Rod , classic and more

Barons Swap Meet Flyer 2015_edited-1

Classical Gas 55 Chevy at the Boise Roadster Show

1955 Straight axle Chevy drag Car. This is not just a show car . I saw it run at Firebird raceway last year during their Oldies but Goodies weekend.

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