The Barons Car Club at the Holiday parade Boise Idaho

Getting the cars ready

MoonDoggie, the Rumblemaster

Jr Baron’s holiday parade float

Barons on the move

The Dog Deer

It’s all about the chrome, Chrome Christmas for the Barons

Kathy & Pam dancing with the banner

Thanks to the Holiday Parade association for making this happen for the Boise area




Barons cruise to Baron Yabut’s to help with his HOT ROD 1935 Chevy

Ya- But !!

Baron YABUT always enjoys it when his friends come over to work on his HOT ROD

What you don’t see , won’t hurt you

Due to Baron YABUT’s driving style the state requires that warning plate at the rear of his HOT ROD

This is going to be one sweet Hot Rod when John gets it on the road next year

Yes those are beer cans. The Volstead act was repealed on DEC 5 1933. You may now drink, but please drink responsibly

Baron Dave helping Baron John( YABUT) with his zipper pull

Baron Yabut recieving his you have been helped by a BARON card.

Everyone survived the quick trip to Johns and then back to work on the Barons float for the holiday parade.

Thanks to all the Barons for a great time , with GREAT friends

Rockin New Years Eve tickets are on sale

Best party in Boise Idaho New Years eve. We have been to all of them and it is a blast. Get your tickets before Nov 18 and save $5.00. Party with the Barons and hundreds of your closest friends

19th annual

The Chancellors , JR & the Stingrays, and Big Jack, now thats a party to bring in the NEW YEAR


COLD today , the hearty ones still showed up for the Friday lunch bunch

Out here in Idaho, we have winter and it is on it’s way. But that is no reason to sit home by the fire. Great food and friends, a little bench racing and back to work

Disco Dave was the first one at the window, ordering the” DISCO DAVE” burger

Must have been a good story everyone is laughing

Next Friday cold or not drop by Burger Time 1273 S Orchard. You know Disco Dave will be there

Congratulations to our newest Barons Car Club member Doug Nefzger

Baron Dave’s much young brother Doug is now a member of the club. That is his very Hot( KOOL) 1962 Chevy in the background.

Doug receiving his membership card, last Saturday at Burger Time Boise. Check out Dakota, the  Barons junk yard dog. You will see her riding in GTO Johns hot rod.





New Baron Car Club member 1962 Chevy Biscayne & Baron Ya-But’s birthday

Ford Vicky and 1957 Chevy, Barons Car Club members

1962 Chevy Biscayne, big block , 4spd. Our newest Baron member

Rennie showing Ellie how to run the camera

Baron Janet’s SWEET 69

Fast 1969 Camaro

Barons Car Club members hanging out at the Hot rod hang-out

1965 GTO

11/3 was also Baron John Wood’s ( aka YA-BUT) Birthday. That is his wife , Baron Saint Kathy on his right. She must be a saint to put up with him all these years

We will have the photo of our new Baron on the blog soon

Rockin new Years Eve Boise Idaho Always a PARTY

Brings your friends, party the year away