The Barons party with the Fabulous Chancellors

A bunch of the Barons car club members spent Friday night at a Halloween party, with oldies party band the fabulous Chancellors. The laughing , dancing and general silly may have reached new highs

Dexter and his latest victim showed up. How would like to be wrapped in saran wrap all night?

Happy clown

Dorothy ,Toto and a flying monkey

Baron Joey aka Olive Oyl, is surprised by Baron Lloyd as Loretta

Baron Greg is quite attracted to Loretta

The girls out on the dance floor. The Devil wears Prada, Dexters victim , Dorthy and Loretta

Dance floor was always full and a great time was had by all

Dorthy taking out one of the flying monkeys. Baron John with his spank my monkey shirt

How did that Coors Light get on this table?

Baron Loretta gets a round

Party on

Tequila !!!

Rennie is still calling for more tequila

Baron Joey presents Baron loretta, a you’ve been assited by a Baron card. Loretta just need a jump, seems she/he had left the dome light on after appling his/her makeup .

Dexter closes out the night




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