Black & White photos Baron’s Hot Rod Car Club

Baron John and his Trick 46 Hot Rod

Barons Kathy & John Wood checking out Kathy’s 68 Chevelle with Grandson Logan

Jr Baron Logan cruzin in Jr Mustang Sally

The Barons party with the Fabulous Chancellors

A bunch of the Barons car club members spent Friday night at a Halloween party, with oldies party band the fabulous Chancellors. The laughing , dancing and general silly may have reached new highs

Dexter and his latest victim showed up. How would like to be wrapped in saran wrap all night?

Happy clown

Dorothy ,Toto and a flying monkey

Baron Joey aka Olive Oyl, is surprised by Baron Lloyd as Loretta

Baron Greg is quite attracted to Loretta

The girls out on the dance floor. The Devil wears Prada, Dexters victim , Dorthy and Loretta

Dance floor was always full and a great time was had by all

Dorthy taking out one of the flying monkeys. Baron John with his spank my monkey shirt

How did that Coors Light get on this table?

Baron Loretta gets a round

Party on

Tequila !!!

Rennie is still calling for more tequila

Baron Joey presents Baron loretta, a you’ve been assited by a Baron card. Loretta just need a jump, seems she/he had left the dome light on after appling his/her makeup .

Dexter closes out the night



Disco Dave is not just a spiffy dancer he is also a car guy

This Corvette is the car Disco was driving when he first met Disco Pam. I wonder if it was the car or the dancing that caught Pam

These are not all of Disco’s cars, just the photos he could find. Check out his current Hot Rod, a 1954 Chevy hardtop at Burger Time on Saturday.

I’m sure Disco will be in costume this Saturday Oct 27 2012, at trunk or treat, drop by and get an autograph

Photo of Disco Daves old Plymouth

This car’s long gone , But Disco Dave is still hanging out at Burger Time. Drop by Friday for the lunch bunch 1273 S Orchard and check out Disco Daves new ride. If you have any extra puka shells bring them , Disco has lost his

Don’t forgert Oct 27 2012 is Trunk or Treat,at Burger Time 12:00 to 3:00. Bring your trunk full of candy for the kids Disco will be there

Chancellors the party band for Kool Oldies 99.5 FM Halloween costume partys

You can buy your tickets at Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

Disco Dave getting his Elmer Fudd on

Yes cold weather is coming , but you can still hang out at Burger Time, just like Disco Dave. You just need this cool , stylin hat. Get on down , with your Elmer Fudd

Barons Car Club Hot Rod Rumble to Moon Doggies

A beautiful October day for a Rumble. It was also the Baron for a day Rumble.At our annual car show( May 19 2013). You can bid on being a Baron for a day. You don’t have to have a Hot Rod , you can ride along with us. Your winning bid goes to the Shriners charity so eveyone wins. If you want to hang out with the Barons , we go to the Hot Rod Hangout on Saturdays. Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho.

To see more of the fun this bunch of friends have go to

Sunday morning we met up at Albertson’s parking lot to start our cruise around the valley

Bright smiling faces after spending Saturday night at the hangout

This Rumble was also a poker run and we pulled our second card at this park in Meridian

View of the restart from inside the RUMBLER

Our Baron for a day riding with GTO John in his Model a hot rod

My grandson Jr Baron Dylan shot this photo of Flash’s Mustang. ( Mustang Sally )

Catch me if you can

GTO John pulling his card at the next stop on our way to MoonDoggies. That 3 did not help his hand

The Police car was not an official Barons car. Thats our Baron for a day in the pony tail

Hey no trading cards

No I want this one, you can’t have it, then you can’t have it

Baron Kathy won with a royal flush, beat my six 9″s

The MoonDoggies always put on a great party. Lots of food and cold beer

Yes there is an explanation for this photo of Baron Dave, but I’ll bet your imagination will come up with a better one. And knowing Dave , yours is probably correct.

Hanging out with a bunch of friends is always fun , so drop by Burger Time on Saturday and say hi. Be sure to save May 19 2013 for the Barons Car Show and be sure to bid on Baron for a day, sdo you can join in the fun.

Disco Dave was not in any of these photos

2013 Calendar vote night at Burger Time Boise Idaho

Fun time had with Gerry and the Dream Benders during the 2013 calendar voting. 12 cars were voted into next years calendar for Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

This extremely cool Nova made it into the calendar

Are you sure that is just coffee?

58 chevy sedan delivery, you don’t see many of those

Yes Disco Dave and Disco Pam were there

Go to to see more photos including Gerry and the Dream Benders

Mosquito abaitment program by Camaro

Thats not oil smoke, but tire smoke as Baron scrounger John passes the worlds slowest tow truck

The new Disco Dave category the Man The Myth The Legend

I have been asked by one of Disco Daves international fans to create a Disco Dave category. That way his fans can find all of his photos easily. So it is now an official category, I hope you enjoy and if you have any photos of Disco Dave drop them by Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho and I will add them for the world to enjoy.

Disco Dave & Disco Pam out for a night of dancing at BurgerTime