Black & White photos of Hot Rods

1929 Model A Ford, Hot Rod, when I was a kid every kid in America wanted a Hot Rod. this is the one I wanted.

A bunch of Hotrodders = Fun

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Barons Car Club Rumbled at Janet & Daves last Sunday

Thanks to Janet & Dave for inviting us over and the great refreshments.

We met up at Albertsons for the cruise over to Janet and Daves

Dave and his 57 Chevy led the pack

We’re here where’s the BEER?

Thanks for the Beer, here is your official Rumble poster

Janets BIG , but younger brother may be our next Baron club member. His name is John, but no tow truck

Off to lunch in Eagle

This photo of Baron GTO John is not from the Rumble, But it is funny.

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Saturday Nights at Burger Time – a place for friends, family & fun

As I looked through the photos taken Saturday night at Burger Time, I realized that we don’t just have fun at Burger Time…we celebrate people’s lives…birthdays, achievements, and even newlyweds! Saturday night we celebrated Vicky’s grandson’s first birthday…Nike Campbell’s National Inline Skating Championships…had fun listening to Ghost of the Malt Shop…and welcomed newlyweds, Brooke & Aaron, who had just been married that morning. This is a great way to spend a Saturday night!  Everyone was having a great time with old friends & new friends, and people soon to become friends. Just look at the smiles on their faces. Thank you to Burger Time for giving all of us a great place to hang out every Saturday night! The food & shakes are always great. And thank you to everyone who comes to hang out with us on Saturday night and allows us to share a little bit of their lives.

Lani the skateress always has a smile on her face

Nike signing an autograph for a fan

The Ghost of the Malt Shop, great 50’s rock n roll

This 1972 Lemans was purchased new by the current owner

Disco Dave & Disco Pam, digging the music

Friends hanging out listening to the Ghost of the Malt Shop

Nike’s Medals

Family fun for all ages

BurgerTime 1273 S Orchard

Vicky celebrating the 1st birthday of her grandson

Thanks to Vicky’s daughter Trisha for all the great birthday cupcakes

Be sure and drop by BurgerTime with or without a classic / Hot Rod. All are welcome!

Boise High School class of 1968 Auto Shop class

Howard Paul was the instructor, there were two classes, one morning one afternoon. Were there complaints from the classes on the second floor of the industrial arts building? Yes but only when Mr Paul had leave for awhile

Lets see how many names I can remember from the class. Jimmy McDaid, Roy Bail, George Barr , Ed Allen,Brian Allen,Ron Crow,Richard Knighton,Chic Jensen, Rich Ludovic,John Peters,Clint Stoesser. Larry Thomason and myself Rick Hale. There were others but that was 44 years ago and I think I did ok


The Barons Car Club welcomed Gasser Greg into the club at Burger Time

The “Gasser” part of Greg’s name comes from his 57 chevy, not the chilli dog at BurgerTime

Saturday Night Burger Time

Gasser recieves his membership card and we are all glad we dropped the” has to ride naked on the hood” initiation

Time to order Burgers

The Rumbler, LTL GTO and Crash

NOVA John in his 46 Chevy Hot Rod

2 Chevys and a Pontiac

Hal has asked about how to become a Baron

1936 Corn Binder, I had a 1937, makes me wish I still did

Drop by and hang out with the Hot Rods any time at Burger Time, you are welcome with or without a Hot Rod

Barons Car Club swap meet was held last Sunday

Thats Disco Dave in the blue shirt and skinny legs.

The 1933 Ford sedan is Gasser Johns, work in progress

One of my all time favorite chopped cars, AKA the 34 kid

Thanks to BugerTime 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho for loaning us their parking lot and being open for breakfast. See you next Saturday night at BT if not before

Gasser Greg’s 57 Chevy GASSER

Our newest Baron’s Car Club member is building a 1957 Chevy , 2 door hardtop


Greg also has a project 33 Ford, chopped sedan. I understand it will be for sale at the Barons swap meet.Sunday 8-19-2012 at BurgerTime 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho