Gerry and the Dreambenders Rock n Roll Aug 4 2012

7pm to 10 pm Saturday night Aug 4 2012 at Burger Time Boise Idaho

British Invasion Rock & Roll, the party is on. Burger Time , where the Hot Rods Hang Out.

Saturday night at Burger Time, Good friends, Good food and Disco Dave

If you live in the Boise Idaho area and want to join the fun, with or without an old car come to Burger Time 1273 S orchard Boise Idaho

World famous Disco Dave in his 1954 Chevy, hardtop Hot Rod


Moon Doggie and friends with Happy Birthday ice cream, celebrating Baron Vicky’s 29th Birthday reunion

Check out this way cool , chopped 36 Plymouth Hot Rod that showed up

Every Saturday night, and sometimes Friday night , the Hot Rods hang out at Burger Time. It’s open late Monday thru Saturday, so you can hang out there 6 days a week if you would like. Fridays even have the Friday lunch bunch, drop by and do a little bench racing. Disco Dave is usually there , you can ask him about the 70’s, the daze of DISCO

Burger Time 1273 s Orchard in Boise new menu boards COOL artwork by Alex Szman

My friend Alex Szman in Australia, did the drawings of the Hot Rod and the GTO

If you want to see the fun that goes on at The Hot Rod Hang out, check


The Barons Car Club cruised over to the Emmett Valley Show & Shine

Hundreds of cars showed up again for the Emmett Show n Shine. Thanks to the Lions club for putting on such a great event

The Barons Car Club, had a great time at Emmett. Thanks to all the members that came

I really want a V/8 Big Healey

Hot Rod Hundred 4  Austin Healey

This chopped 1934 Ford has always been one of my favorite Hot Rods. If I had been handing out the trophies , this one would be my pick

Cute grand kids, ok very cute

Flat Top , from Salmon Idaho


You don’t see a lot of Pontiac Bubble Tops, and this one is beautiful

Mike & Joey, the heart & soul of this event. Thanks for all your hard work

The park was FULL of cool cars



Baron Rosie won a sponsor award, with her 1965 GTO

Barons sponsor pick, 1932 Chevy coupe

Lots more photos at

The Barons Car Club Boise Idaho

To see some of the fun go to

Friday July 20 2012 Great Rock n Roll at Burger Time Boise 1273 S Orchard

If you are in Boise drop by, For that great 60s rock n roll band the Mystics

What they looked like back in the day. yes that is Tim Woodward , the famous Statesman writer. He is one in the middle and still with band

A little more current photo of the band. See you Friday for Hot Rods , Rock n Roll , Great Food and friends

I can’t wait for a Baron Burger, I’ll be there tomorrow

The Barons Car Club goes to the 2012 Motorfest

Several members of the Barons car club plus hundreds of other car nuts attended this last weekend.

The Barons were lucky enough to park next to the front gate.

Baron Vicky had to work, but her T Bird made it.

VW’s, T Buckets,  something for every one…

Deuce Coupe during the Cruise saturday night…

Great turnout Saturday Night in downtown Meridian!

And then the rain came… many of the cars and spectators stayed thru to the end.

Sunday at Motorfest

Lining up for the Hole Shot Nationals

Lots more photos at


Parma-Vu drive-in showed American Graffiti last night as part of Northwest Motorfest

Bench racing before show

Driving your cool car to the drive-in movie, just like the good old days

Hard to make-out in the back seat of a bucket T

Almost Time to start the movie

American Graffiti, greatest Hot Rod film of all time

Thanks to Parma-Vu and Northwest Motorfest for lettings us be teenagers again

John Wood’s 35 Chevy Hot Rod pick-up

John is building , from the ground up, a fire breathing 1935 Chevy pick-up Hot Rod. I convinced him to bring it by Burger Time Boise for a few photos and a little bench racing.

Lani, BurgerTimes skatress made the Truck shine

Truck is looking great, that is John with the big smile

Burger Time, The Hot Rod Hangout

No fenders make great seats during bench raceing sessions

MoonDoggie & Moon Eyes dropped by , wednesday to hang out with friends

One of the great parts of Hot Rodding is all the cool friends you spend time with . See you soon at Burger Time

Old black and white photos of Hot Rods

All have gone to new homes

Mels drive in at Motorfest

Cruzin in the Rumbler when it was primer gray

See more Hot Rod photos ar