Charioteers of Mountain home at the Barons Car show

Thanks to the Charioteers for coming to our car show

Charioteers were a club in the early 60’s and have just reformed, nice to have you back

Studebaker took award for Barons choice

Owner of the Studebaker recieving his award

Charioteers also took home the award for best club participation

It is always nice to see an old Hot Rod club come back to life

to see more of the Barons show go to


Oldies but Goodies drags Firebird Raceway great fun for all ages Free Pizza

Drag Racing, car show, bench racing with old friends, it will be a great weekend

Oldies but Goodies Drags June 2-3 2012 FIREBIRD Raceway IDAHO

Hot Rod car show as well as the drags. AA/Supercharged Shootout, 2 days of all out fun

32 annual Oldies but Goodies race and shine. Open 8-car field 200 MPH . AA/SUPERCHARGED COUPES

See photos from other years at

The Barons Car Club will be there

1949 Merc Kustom and 1929 Ford Hot Rod inflight refueling

The Bomb and The Rumbler , doing tricky¬† hand off. Warning¬†… trained beer handlers, do not try this at home.

No beers were dropped during the making of this photo

Slow down Dave, your face is begining to flap, dreaming of 253 MPH in a funny car

Baron Dave in Dale Harsin’s funny car, thanks for bringing your funny car to the Barons car show. If you want to see more photos of Dales drag car at the show go to and look in the Barons car show 2012 folder.

Pretty sure from this photo that Dave is not the STIG

Thanks to Dale Harsin for bringing his funny Car to the Barons Car Show

57 Chevy FunnyCar

Barons checking out the over 250 mph drag car

Rosie behind the wheel. She said when the body comes down , it is hot and close in there.

Baron Rosie , ready for take off.

Thanks to Baron Wes Rice , for setting up Dales visit to the show.

You can see more of the Barons car show at go check it out now and check back in a couple of days for new photos added

Since BurgerTime isn’t open Yet, the Barons Car Club cruised to the Big Bun today

Baron Sunny Slope Mike and his new wheels

Whats wrong with this photo? Where’s the BEER ?

Afterwards drove by BurgerTime to see how it’s going and ran into Barons Dave & Janet. BurgerTime will be open June 1