Baron Dave makes a Beer Faux Pas

Baron Dave is our newest Baron so he gets the privilege of buying beer. A time-honored Baron tradition. The beer of the Barons is Bud Light. Yes I know, if we are we out of our beer and some other Beer is cold will we drink it? I take the 5th. Now Baron Dave shows up with Coors Lite. After a round of boo’s we send him to the store to buy Bud Light.  Our host Baron Wes had supplied us with Bud Light bottles, but we were running out. We even gave Baron Dave a Bud Light cap so he  wouldn’t make a mistake…

Dave, the box has blue on it but that is not Bud Light. No more new members till this rookie gets it right. You can’t get out of your obligation that easy! He did make up for by buying pitchers of Bud Light at lunch at Woody’s. A big thanks Dave – you really came through!


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