Heap Herders Spring car show & swap meet, afterwards we went to the Gem IN and Out

Heap Herders club was founded in 1955

Baron Rosies’s LTL GTO

More Barons Hot Rods at the Heap herders show

Early stockers to late model muscle , something for everyone

Gino of the Vintage Gems crusin in

Check out all the photos at http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

After the show the Barons had lunch at the Gem in and Out

Thanks to the grew at the Gem , they made our visit a happy one


Hot Rod Black & White at the Gem in and out drive-in

I will have more photos from the Gem on soon. Stay tuned for them and the photos from the Heap Herders car show

Barons Car Club swap meet 5/6/2012 at Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

The swap meet will be held at BURGER TIME . The new owners won’t be selling food yet , but are allowing us to use the parking lot. Stay tuned for updates on the drive-in opening date. They are Car friendly and ready to welcome us all back

Bring you treasures to sell and your money as there will be treasures you must have. Oh and walk softley , it is the day after Cinco


4/28/2012 Come join the Heap Hearders Spring Bling Car Show & swap meet in the Caldwell park

Bob Austin and some of the Mopar guys

The Barons Car Club is going to cruise over. We will be leaving Albertsons at  5 mile and Overland . 7:40 AM

Photos from Barons Car Club shop Rumble

Meeting up for the cruise to Wes’s

Short cruise and here we are

Wes received garage art gifts from the Barons, nice wheel Randy

Nice carbs on the barbecue

That is NOT Bud Light, Dave

After Wes’s shop tour we went to WOODY’S for food and beer. Thanks for the hospitality

Cool cars in Woody’s parking lot. To see more check http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

Baron Vicky’s T bird. Hope to see everone this Saturday  at the Heap Hearders show in the Caldwell park




Rival car club members do slow cruise past The Barons Car Club Rumble

These two guys were having a great time cruising down the street , looking at all the cars. I forgot to offer them a beer

You can see more of Sundays Rumble to Wes Rice’s shop on Http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

Baron Dave makes a Beer Faux Pas

Baron Dave is our newest Baron so he gets the privilege of buying beer. A time-honored Baron tradition. The beer of the Barons is Bud Light. Yes I know, if we are we out of our beer and some other Beer is cold will we drink it? I take the 5th. Now Baron Dave shows up with Coors Lite. After a round of boo’s we send him to the store to buy Bud Light.  Our host Baron Wes had supplied us with Bud Light bottles, but we were running out. We even gave Baron Dave a Bud Light cap so he  wouldn’t make a mistake…

Dave, the box has blue on it but that is not Bud Light. No more new members till this rookie gets it right. You can’t get out of your obligation that easy! He did make up for by buying pitchers of Bud Light at lunch at Woody’s. A big thanks Dave – you really came through!