Pete Rolfe original Baron, British Car Guru and general nice guy is recovering from surgery in Seattle

I just found out two days ago Pete had been the hospital here in Boise for a week and was rushed to Seattle for surgery. His surgery went well and he will be in the hospital for a few days and then recovery in Seattle. Please keep Pete in your hearts, and I hope to see him back in town soon.

I spent many years playing British car games. In fact, I met Pete at Imparts parts store over thirty years ago, and I can tell you I have never meet a bigger British car nut in my travels .

Before Pete became Mr. Sportscar, back in the early 50’s he was a Hot Rodder and an original member of the Barons Car Club. It was because of him that I started the Barons up again.

Very rare B400 Ford that Pete built as a teenager. Long before I ever met Pete I fell in love with this Hot Rod . This car was the reason I became a Hot Rodder. I was telling Pete about my first Hot Rod love one day. He told me he built it, and I said “yeah”. Then he pulled an old worn copy of this photo out of his wallet.

Get well soon friend, we have many more adventures ahead of us…



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