New years day Hot Rod cruise 2012

New years day had two T Willy  cruises on Orchard in 2012. McDonald’s and Burger Time.I ment to start at McDonald’s and cruise to Burger Time. BUT hangover slowed things down. So about 11:00 am we made it to Burger Time for breakfast and since McDonald’s was full, we waited for T Willy and the cars to come to us. So I only have photos from Burger Time. I understand McDonald’s was filled as well as all the lots around them with great cars, sorry I missed some of them, maybe next year.

The Bomb cruisin in from Micky D’s

Always one of my favorite Hot Rods, check out that just right chop.

Mike & Joey closed down the New Years Eve party and still made it to the cruise

Dave had his freshly repaired 57 Chevy out. Yes it is true he pushed it into a tree and his wife helped.

Always a classic

swapping lies, telling war stories, bench racing. Even on a cold New Years day it is great to get together with old and new friends. The Boise Roadster show is coming up in March. If I don’t see you before, I will look forward to seeing you there. Keep them on the streets


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