Hot Rod Spring is just around the corner

Saturday was a little chilly, but some of us still made it to Patty’s Burger Time on Saturday. Rosie even had the top down on the GTO. It’s always great to get the car out and cruise this time of year, makes you think “SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.”

The Boise roadster show will be in March, Jimmy the T says we may even have a Rumble in February. The Jr. Baron project is forming and we may have 4 new Jr.’s right away. So get the Hot Rod polished up…it’s going to be a busy spring.

Check out


Pete Rolfe original Baron, British Car Guru and general nice guy is recovering from surgery in Seattle

I just found out two days ago Pete had been the hospital here in Boise for a week and was rushed to Seattle for surgery. His surgery went well and he will be in the hospital for a few days and then recovery in Seattle. Please keep Pete in your hearts, and I hope to see him back in town soon.

I spent many years playing British car games. In fact, I met Pete at Imparts parts store over thirty years ago, and I can tell you I have never meet a bigger British car nut in my travels .

Before Pete became Mr. Sportscar, back in the early 50’s he was a Hot Rodder and an original member of the Barons Car Club. It was because of him that I started the Barons up again.

Very rare B400 Ford that Pete built as a teenager. Long before I ever met Pete I fell in love with this Hot Rod . This car was the reason I became a Hot Rodder. I was telling Pete about my first Hot Rod love one day. He told me he built it, and I said “yeah”. Then he pulled an old worn copy of this photo out of his wallet.

Get well soon friend, we have many more adventures ahead of us…


Saturday was cold but dry, so a few Hot Rods showed up to Patty’s Burger Time and yes DISCO DAVE was there

Great to see Lee out in his Chevy Impala

You may not recognize Disco Dave in his winter Elmer Fudd hat , but that is him. Disco Pam was smart enough to stay out of the cold

Baron Martin Cloud had his Caddy powered Dodge out for the day . That back seat is big enough for a party, wheres the beer.

January 14 2012 and the Party was at Patty’s Burger Time, see you there next Saturday. She has a great new pickle relish for her Hot Dogs, you should give it a try

1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho


One of the great social outlets of the 50’s and 60’s was the drive-in burger stand

Our world today is filled with fast food. Places like McDonalds , Wendy’s, Burger King and Taco stands.

The drive-in is a dying breed, with cook to order food, big parking lots filled with cool cars and hot kids. A meeting place, an eating place and a place to be that is not the mall or in front of the TV

Support your local independant drive-in, all week long and then cruise on back Saturday night for the Hot Car, Cool kids (some maybe in their second or even third kidhood).

When you just gotta have a burger you might as well make it a good old fashioned, tastes good burger.

Artic Circle on Fairview in Boise Idaho. The photo was taken in the early 60’s with kids from Borah High School hanging out.

The Big Bun founded 1961

Check out the price of that Merc, dinner for a family of four at the franchise places.

Patty’s Burger Time, Orchard St. Boise Idaho. Home of the Saturday Night Cruise.

That’s how a drive-in’s parking lot should look.

Viking drive-in State Street Boise Idaho.

Murray’s, a legend in Boise Idaho, long gone , but the ghosts of the hot rods still cruise.

Cruz In, was on Fairview in Boise. This is the same building as the Artic Circle. The owner was Patty from Burger Time.

The Hungry Onion in Meridian…it’s Still There.

The drive up window at the Viking drive-in…a cute girl at the window gets more young men thru the drive-thru. Good marketing!

Patty’s Burger Time, great traditional building. Started life as the Bee Hive drive-in, then the Chow Now , then Burger Time and now Patty’s Burger Time. Remember Mellow’s across the street (in the 60’s) – they had the best Dr. Pepper in town.

Here’s that old Artic Circle building again, since Cruz In it has been Rockies, then Robbies and now empty again .

There are more drive-ins in Boise I didn’t get photos of like the Westside, Hawkins and more. Whichever one is close to you or your favorite, drop by and enjoy and old fashioned good meal. I’m sure your town has real drive-ins left. Be sure to support them, they are a national treasure

May 20 2012 Save the date Barons Car Show Benefits Pediatrics unit St Als Hospital

The 3rd annual Barons Car Show is on its way. Be sure and save the date all money raised goes to benefit the pediatrics unit Saint Alphonsus , Nampa Idaho. We could use your help to make it an even bigger donation for the kids. Help sponsor the T-shirts , trophies and food. All moneys from the sale of T-shirts , Food and raffle prizes, goes to the kids. No money is kept by the club. If you have a business that would like to help sponsor or if you would like to sponsor on a personal level , please lets us know , and thank you

The show is a great time for young and old , with great cars to look at, face painting, Hot dogs , Hamburgers , kids games and more.

The Jr Barons will be there, with their 2012 project. Come out and have  great time.

Barons Car Club Dues are due for 2012

If you haven’t sent your 2012 dues in, get that big $5.00 check over to Baron Larry. We have a big year planned, Barons Car Show , Rumbles, BEER DRINKING, Jr Barons Hot Rod project. Lots of fun crusin together.If you have decided not to come back because it doesn’t fit your life style or time usage, good luck and have a happy summer. See you on the street.If you aren’t coming back because of one or two people you don’t get along with, remember there are 40 other members you did have a good time with. Credit Baron Larry with the 40 other people wisdom, he makes a good point.. Hope to see you all again real soon and don’t forget bench racing at Larry’s Sporting Goods on Thursday mornings

New years day Hot Rod cruise 2012

New years day had two T Willy  cruises on Orchard in 2012. McDonald’s and Burger Time.I ment to start at McDonald’s and cruise to Burger Time. BUT hangover slowed things down. So about 11:00 am we made it to Burger Time for breakfast and since McDonald’s was full, we waited for T Willy and the cars to come to us. So I only have photos from Burger Time. I understand McDonald’s was filled as well as all the lots around them with great cars, sorry I missed some of them, maybe next year.

The Bomb cruisin in from Micky D’s

Always one of my favorite Hot Rods, check out that just right chop.

Mike & Joey closed down the New Years Eve party and still made it to the cruise

Dave had his freshly repaired 57 Chevy out. Yes it is true he pushed it into a tree and his wife helped.

Always a classic

swapping lies, telling war stories, bench racing. Even on a cold New Years day it is great to get together with old and new friends. The Boise Roadster show is coming up in March. If I don’t see you before, I will look forward to seeing you there. Keep them on the streets

The Barons go cuzin on New Years eve

Dancing and drinking all night to oldies Rock n Roll. Welcoming in 2012 in a flamed 1957 Chevy

That is Baron KAPTAIN KATHY in the white shirt, she will play a very important part in the 2012 Barons journey, stay tuned for more

Rosie used to “borrow “my 57 Chevy back in high school to go race the boys . Things never change