New Years Day Hot Rod Cruise on Orchard st. in Boise Idaho

Infact 2 cruises on Orchard. T Willy’s annual New Years day cruise McDonalds on Orchard and Burger Time at 1273 S Orchard. Burger Time will be open early for breakfast. If you can’t find parking at one try the other. Lots of Hot Rods and old friends. Always a great way to start the New Year. If you can’t find your old Hot Rod friends , check the other drive- in, I’m sure I saw just them

Barons Christmas Party silent auction

This year a silent auction was added to the party. You bid on items with Barons Bucks you earned during the year by participation.

High bid item of the night was on a 1957 Chevy mail box , built and donatated by Jimmy the T. Logan is looking for Christmas cards

Kathy won the ladies mystery box, Larry helping her check out her prize

Larry won the mens mystery box , Jimmy the T helping him check out his winnings

To see more photos of the party check out

Barons Car Club Christmas Party 2011

The party was held at a pizza parlor last Saturday night and included a gift exchange. Check out that cool Barons wrapping paper that Rennie made…

These Barons are checking out the silent auction items they can bid on with the Barons bucks they earned for particpating this year.

Is that drunk Santa?

Baron Larry is explaining something, I’m not sure if he understands it.

Official Baron bucks that were earned and could be used to purchase silent auction items. These were used to buy a 57 Chevy mail box.

Moondoggie presents Lederhosen Boy with a new pair of leather lederhosen…maybe if he’d had these before he rode the pig, he wouldn’t have had the gravel burns when he crashed & burned. Remember…always wear your leathers!!!

The mystery boxes had everyone’s attention, with lots of bids being placed.

Another infamous award from Moondoggie was Baron Larry’s engineer cap…you might remember Baron Larry & Baron Wes played choo-choo train at the pig races, and Baron Larry was the engineer (and driver, even though there is no steering!!!).

Baron Kathy counting her Baron Bucks…planning what bids she might win…

Pizza for Mike…

In the gag gifts, Baron Kathy got the Wall of Shame poster….she didn’t get to keep it though…it was stolen a few times before her Spousal Unit, John, took it home.

Baron Wes opening his present…check the TV screen in the back for pig racing – that’s Baron Larry in the lead with Baron Wes in second.

Jr. Baron Porter picking up his dad’s white elephant gift, and Baron Larry with a big YUP!

These were traded a lot during the evening.

Barons Jimmy & Larry handing out the auction items. A great time was had by all… lots of prizes to be won & beer to be drunk. Thanks to everyone for coming out.  Merry Christmas!!



If you are a Baron Car Club member in 2011 don’t miss Saturday nights Christmas party

If you missed your invite call me or the Rumblemaster , you don’t want to miss this party, there over 60items to spend your Baron bucks on. Bring a wrapped gift for the crazy exchange. I know there are a few of these gifts that will get traded a lot. Don’t forget your designated driver and no Trenton that can’t be Porter.

Even if you haven’t been out alot this year , please come by the party and hang out with us and don’t forget to buy the Rumblemaster a beer, he can use it . Jimmy the T gave a great year filled with events.Thanks to Jimmy and all of you, without you, we can’t have all this fun. Thanks again Rick

Jr Barons engine rebuild 2011 book is completed

The book is here and will be at the Barons Christmas party Saturday night. If you want a copy you can order it from Rennie

I would like to thank the Rumblemaster for holding my beer in all those photos.

If you would like to see more photos of Jr Barons hands-on 460 Ford engine rebuild go to

Where is DISCO DAVE? that disco dancing sensation or sinsation of the 70’s

There are rumors of witness protection… he does look like a wise guy, or maybe the fashion police have him. I even heard a rumor that Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger” was supposed to be moves like DISCO DAVE. The problem was they didn’t have the moves. After his life story made it to the big screen, (Saturday Night Fever) Disco Dave decided  to lay low.

Happy days! We have found Disco Dave …he is living in Boise Idaho, still with that same hot chick he was with in the 70’s…

Those hard party nights are showing a lot more on Disco Dave, but his hair is still curly like the old days. Be sure and drop by Patty’s Burger Time and see Disco Dave. He’s there a couple times a week and still has the moves!

Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays from the Barons Car Club

Really I’m standing in a hole so I’m not towering over my car

Check out this cool old black & white Hot Rod photo

Now that is a Hot Rod

Saturday Dec 10 2011 Party at Burger Time for Danielle at noon 1273 S Orchard . Be There

Everybody knows Danielle always smiling, always getting your order right. It’s her birthday come help her celebrate on Saturday at noon.