More photos from Boise Holiday parade

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Holiday Parade Boise Idaho 2011 Hot Rods and jr Barons

Barons Car Club , started the Morning at Boise High School. The club was started in 1954 at Boise High

In the staging garage, waiting for the parade to start. I offered those stocker guys our help to chop their cars , but the said no.

My favorite float. Baron Trenton with a very tall Christmas tree shoved thru his 1949 custom Merc. A very Griswold Christmas

Just waiting for the flagman

1927 Ford T roadster project. This will be built by the Jr Barons. Don’t you wish you could have been a Jr Baron when you were a kid. I do. A very special thanks to Moon Doggie for providing the project and all that he does for the Barons Car Club. MoonDoggie aka Steve Matlock. Feel free to buy him a beer , he drinks Bud Lite

Remember that tree Trenton stuffed in his Merc, well this is the former tenant of the tree. Looks like he will make a good Baron.

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Hot Rodding pass it along

Hot Rodding began in America, it is as American as Mom and apple pie. It has been around longer than I have, and will last as long as we pass it on to future generations. This photo was taken by Rennie Cloninger during the Jr. Barons engine rebuild. The Jr. Barons are young boys and girls that are part of the Barons Car Club Boise Idaho. We  still have some members from the original club started in 1954, and  our youngest Jr Baron is a toddler.We have Barons of all ages, but  like a lot of hot rodders our group is heavy on older rodders. Thats why we believe it is so important for us to share our skills with the children, to help them understand automobiles, and know the joy of building your own hot rod.

If you are a gearhead share your passion for cars, share your skills, share that smile your hot rod brings you. Help the youth of America learn that there is great joy to be had outside of computer games and TV.

Jr Barons start their freshly rebuilt 460 Ford engine

Over the summer the Jr Barons rebuilt a 460 Ford engine. Baron Wes Rice instructed them. Today was the day we would see if it ran.

Here it it sets in all it’s glory, Install the the dist , set the timming. Will it start?

Junior Baron Moon Puppie is chosen to push the start button. Jimmy the T is running the Bud Lite throttle. Mr Rice the instructor is crossing his fingers

Yes it started! It ran smooth, they cooked muffler Dogs on the headers. The Jr Barons are ready for next years project. Thanks to all the Barons for their support, A really big thank you to Moon Doggie, Jimmy the T and Baron Mr Rice the instructor. See more photos at and for you Barons there is also a video of the engine start Rumble

Next years project, 1927 T roadster. Don’t you wish you were a Jr Baron? With a little luck the T roadster will be with us at the Holiday parade in Boise Idaho. Come see it and the Jr Barons, CHEER the Jr Barons on.

Hot Rod cooking, Muffler Dogs & Chicken bits cooked on the headers of a 460 Ford

Jimmy the T shows the Jr Barons how to cook on the headers of their fresh build 460 Ford

Jimmy the T’s custom cooker

Master chef Jimmy the T, cooking the Muffler Dogs on running 460 Ford

Jr Barons in line to get, hot fresh Muffler Dog. YUMMMMM

Chicken bits are also available

No Jr Barons were injured in the cooking of the Muffler Dogs

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Big Jacks Rockin New Years Eve limited time HOT deal

Even the big kids had fun at Burger Times Trunk or Treat

Julie and Rosie doing the stroll .

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Barons help blue roadster get started

Barons Joey, Martin and Jimmy the T , help a stranded Hotrodder get going. After trunk or treat the blue roadster wouldn’t start . Joey was first on the scene, then Martin and Jimmy jumped the  starter solenoid.

It was fun to watch Martin jump each time he crossed the terminasls with a short screwdriver.

After the car was started , Joey handed the owner her, you have been assisted by a Baron card

You too can get a cool card like this, just break down along the road and wait for a Baron to come along and help you.

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The funeral for Big John Wood, of the Melba Outlaws, will be Saturday, 11/5/2011

Big John’s funeral is this Saturday 11/5/2011, at 1:30pm . Melba High School Gym.The family requests you wear team colors and bring Hot Rods. Check for info on this sad time

Big John was one of the nicest people you ever met, he always had a smile and good word. He will be missed