BIG JACK’s Halloween Fall ball

Burger Time 2012 calendar is here !!! Hot Rods Musclecars Stockers & coupons

Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho, STILL CRUISIN !!!!!!

Don’t forget to have DISCO DAVE autograph your calendar

World famous DISCO DAVE in his prime

Jr Barons 3rd engine rebuild class

The jr Barons are almost finished with the 460 Ford engine rebuild. Next time they start their creation

Do you have a young gearhead in the family?A girl or boy that just loves cars and needs to have like minded friends. Maybe you don’t have a lot of car knowledge to share with them. If they would like to join the Jr Barons drop by Burger Time on a Saturday evening and See Rick, Larry or Jimmy and we will give you the details of the jr Barons auto shop program


Baron Julie painting pumpkins Saturday night at patty’s burger Time

Tony and the guys hanging out with the official Barons pumpkin

Patty’s Burger Time, see you next week.

Don’t Forget Trunk or Treat Oct 29 2011, Bring your car and lots of candy for the kids


Jr Barons engine rebuild 2nd session

Today the Jr Barons will install the heads and the oil pump

Young ladies can be Jr Barons too

The Jr Barons engine rebuild is a hands on project

The Jr Barons take the engine out for a test drive?

Where are you guys going, with that engine?

Midnight auto parts?

No officer, we don’t have plates or registration.

You can see more of the adventure at

Thanks to Baron Randy & Susan for the great Hot Rod picnic

What a great way to spend a sunday, Thanks for opening up your shop and home to the Barons car club

Yes a photo of Rennie , you don’t get many of those

Baron Larry, party animal

These were just Baron Gregs beer cans, everyone else hid theirs. Good luck in finding them Randy. I know MoonDoggie is still looking at his place

As soon as I edit some of the Susan photos I will put them on ,so check back there are some good ones

Jimmy the T checks out this fine used car

What a bargin at only $6595.00. Make a nice driver for his wife

Battling For Boobies

This patch is being sold by Wes Rice here in Boise Id. The funds are for a school fund for Vinnies son. See Wes for your own copy, only $10.00

United Street Rods of Idaho Fall 2011 picnic USRI

A great turn out and a special thanks to the USRI board for a nice day and free food. Be sure and check the USRI website for updates on the meeting . One item that came up was the fenderless law. This  is for pre 1935 vehicles. So if you are running a latter model vehicle , hot rod or not you are not  covered by this law and should have fenders. I don’t know that Law enforcement is giving anyone trouble, but if you have a vehicle that falls into this category you may want to be pro active and start trying to up the years on this law.

More photos at


Jr Barons help Baron Debbie when her truck breaks down

After Jimmy the T towed Debbie in. The Jr Barons were Johnny on the spot to figure out what was wrong

Stay tuned for more photos of series II of the Jr Barons engine rebuild