I would rather eat barbed wire than listen to DISCO

To many of us that lived thru that dark time, that was our motto. But all conflicts have two sides.

Some say he drove a Rambler station wagon.

Some say Saturday Night Fever is his life story….


It has been said if you can remember the 1970s , you wish you couldn’t

You can meet Disco Dave Sorenson most any day around noon at Patty’s Burger Time. except Wednesday , that’s laundry day. Be sure and ask him to show you his patented Disco Dave dance move.

After years of polyester suits, Glitter disco balls and more women than Charlie Sheen, Disco Dave did the right thing and married the fresh-faced young lady in the photo.

I guess it all turned out, but I have heard Disco Dave is looking at a Nash rambler station wagon again, guys keep a good eye on on your wives , Saturday night


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