Gino’s Wine Tour 2011 Hot Rods Musclecars and a day at the winery

As always Ginos’s wine tour was enjoyed by all. You can see more photos at

That’s Gino in the middle

Several GTO’s made the tour

Lloyds 35 Ford

On the road

LeRoy Dyas ready to hit the road

Rosie’s 1965 GTO

Bonnies coupe

I would rather eat barbed wire than listen to DISCO

To many of us that lived thru that dark time, that was our motto. But all conflicts have two sides.

Some say he drove a Rambler station wagon.

Some say Saturday Night Fever is his life story….


It has been said if you can remember the 1970s , you wish you couldn’t

You can meet Disco Dave Sorenson most any day around noon at Patty’s Burger Time. except Wednesday , that’s laundry day. Be sure and ask him to show you his patented Disco Dave dance move.

After years of polyester suits, Glitter disco balls and more women than Charlie Sheen, Disco Dave did the right thing and married the fresh-faced young lady in the photo.

I guess it all turned out, but I have heard Disco Dave is looking at a Nash rambler station wagon again, guys keep a good eye on on your wives , Saturday night

Ginos Wine Cruise Sept 25 2011 Ginos Rod Shop

Nice cars, Great cruise and a winery , How can it get any better? See you on the streets

The Mystics ROCKED the parking lot at Patty’s Burger Time Saturday night

The party at Burger Time was hugh Saturday night. The Mystics played great Rock n Roll, the band started in the early 60’s and are still playing like it was the 60’s time machime.

There were 3 Vipers at the party and check out the 2 Jags that are with this pair

Rosie’s 65 Red GTO

Saturday was also Patty’s prom,Mike and Joey came dressed up for their photo. I still think Mike looks like a traveling Bible salesman

Hot Rods , Stockers, Musclecars everything shows up to Patty’s. Have you?

Dave with his 57 and Janet with her Camero both made it into the 2012 Patty’s calendar






Sept 17 2011 Firebird swap meet

See you at Firebird this morning and then Patty’s Burger Time this evening. Burger Time 1273 S orchard 5:00 pm for the Mystics , the Prom , Calendar car voting

More photos from the Barons car club cruise to the fire station

See more at

Photos from Barons We will never Forget Cruise 9-11-2011

The photos of the cruise are now at

See you on the streets

While at the fire station Baron Larry gets lost and Baron GTO John rides the pole

You see Baron Debbie holding Baron Larry’s hand. A loving gesture, Maybe, but Larry wondered off and got locked outside. So Debbie was told to hold onto him so he didn’t lost

Those are GTO Johns feet coming down the fire pole. Was he the only brave Baron or the only one that would fit thru the hole?

Thanks Baron Mike for a great tour. See you on the streets


What is it about girls and fire poles

During the Barons 911 -We Will Never Forget Cruise, we stopped at Baron Mikes fire station.A great time was had by all and these photos were before happy hour.I will put more of our adventures on soon.


My favorite Hot Rod in Payette this year 1932 ford 3 window

Lots of nice cars at Payette in the park this year. The stand out to me was this deuce 3 window. It reminds me of the cars I grew up with in the 60’s. Classic 32 , steel wheels, unfilled top and the great stance a Hot Rod needs. A very clean and mean HOTROD. You can see more of the cars of Payette at

Keep Hot Rods alive take a kid to a car show. See you on the streets