Big thanks to the Rumble master Jimmy the T

Jimmy the T, aka Jim Hyde, came up with the idea for the Junior Baron engine rebuild. He enlisted the help of MoonDoggie, aka Steve Matlock. They took a great idea and made it happen. Both of these Barons put a lot of time and imagination in to make this happen. The Junior Barons all enjoyed it and hopefully will stay involved thru the next 2 sessions, eventually starting a motor they rebuilt with their own hands. It still amazes me even today how you can take chunks of cold metal, put them in the right order and have a fire-breathing engine come to life. And again thanks to Baron Wes Rice for his teaching of the class

The brains behind the Junior Barons ‘learn to be a gear head’ project…

Baron Wes Rice, the “TEACH” – if only his High School teachers could see him now. Thanks Wes!

Share your knowledge with the future. We need more gearheads. If you are a gearhead, it doesn’t matter if your car is shiny or not as long as it’s yours. Share your passion and be part of our past going forward. See you on the streets!


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