Big thanks to the Rumble master Jimmy the T

Jimmy the T, aka Jim Hyde, came up with the idea for the Junior Baron engine rebuild. He enlisted the help of MoonDoggie, aka Steve Matlock. They took a great idea and made it happen. Both of these Barons put a lot of time and imagination in to make this happen. The Junior Barons all enjoyed it and hopefully will stay involved thru the next 2 sessions, eventually starting a motor they rebuilt with their own hands. It still amazes me even today how you can take chunks of cold metal, put them in the right order and have a fire-breathing engine come to life. And again thanks to Baron Wes Rice for his teaching of the class

The brains behind the Junior Barons ‘learn to be a gear head’ project…

Baron Wes Rice, the “TEACH” – if only his High School teachers could see him now. Thanks Wes!

Share your knowledge with the future. We need more gearheads. If you are a gearhead, it doesn’t matter if your car is shiny or not as long as it’s yours. Share your passion and be part of our past going forward. See you on the streets!


Keeping Hot Rodding Alive Junior Barons Engine Rebuild part 1

The Barons Car Club Junior Barons met at Moondoggie’s Speed Shop for their first lesson in engine rebuilding. A huge thanks to Baron Wes Rice for his instruction and patience in teaching the Junior Barons how to rebuild the lower end of a 460 Ford. The Barons Car Club has many younger Barons, aka Junior Barons, that are the children & grandchildren of Barons members. Our hope is that by teaching them, they will keep the hot rod spirit alive. We also had a few full size Barons that had never seen the inside of an engine – it was a great learning experience for all. This 460 engine, when completed, will go into Junior Baron Moonpuppy’s Ford pickup (when he is eventually old enough to drive!).

Thanks to Moondoggie & Vickie for their hospitality – all the cinnamon rolls were yummy and the adult beverages were cold! Thanks also to Moondoggie for the use of his shop & tools.

Our youth are the future of hot rodding. If you are a gearhead, take a kid to a car show…teach a kid to work on a car…get them off the video games and into the garage. Be involoved  & keep hot rodding alive!

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Gerry & the Dreambenders 60’s Rock & Roll at Patty’s Burger Time Aug 27 2011 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

Cruisin with Barons car club

Sunday cruise with the Barons

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The follow the leader cruise is now posted

During the cruise we stopped at Baron Greg and Patsy’s to welcome them home from Reno

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I have no explanation for the following photos

We were on our way to a Rumble and hop scotch broke out

Jimmy credits his style and skill to having a 7 year old grandaughter

Looks like this Baron Had a little more fun than the rest

Last Sunday was the Follow The Leader Rumble, everyone had a great time. Trenton may have had more fun than the rest. Check back all week for more photos of the Rumble

These photos will have to go on our wall of fame