Going Home !!

Rick gets to go home from the hospital today. He will be released early this evening. Everything seems to be moving on schedule and going well.

Recovery is Going Well

Just left the hospital and Rick is doing very well today. He walked down the hall, is sitting in the chair instead of the bed and is eating real food (well I’m not sure hospital food is real food). He enjoyed the card -thanks to Patty and everyone that signed it and thanks to Moondoggie, he is enjoying the magazines. He has gotten almost all of the tubes and machines disconnected, and everything is progressing very well.

On The Road To Recovery

1st full day after surgery and he is doing well. Everything seems to be going according schedule. He even stood on his own today, so things are moving along well.

Surgery Update

He’s gonna sleep for awhile,but he looks good and woke up for a second and asked for a beer so I think he’s gonna be just fine.

Surgery Update

He is out of surgery ahead of schedule and the surgeon says everything went well. We should be able to see him in the next 20 minutes.

Surgery Update

Rick just went in at 3:15 , a little behind schedule. It will be about 6 hrs til he is out and I will update later.

Concept drawings of the New Barons Party Wagon by Baron Lloyd Kangas

Lloyd just bought a 1959 Buick and thinks the rear end will make a great barbecue grill. The fins coolers. Rennie says we seat belts on the bar stools. I say if Fullmer falls off it just makes room for some else

I hope John Woods is pulling the trailer. With Lloyd driving we will all fall off the bar stools