Mopars Unlimited of Idaho at Peterson’s Stampede

The Mopars will be having their annual Mopars and Cars in the park June 4th 2011, in the Nampa park.

A couple of weeks back the Mopars had their meet and greet at Petersons

They had close to 40 Mopars show up

1965 , my favorite

Bob Austin and his Lancer, hey I got it right, I usually call it a Valiant

I hope I got that right. Oh well you sat tomato I say Spud

Peterson Stampede / Peterson Motors has been a long time Idaho family business. They have been around so long you could have bought a brand new Durant from them. When I was kid they were selling Ramblers. I even worked for them a summer when I was high school, 1966 or 67. I spent the summer taking brand new Hudson and Nash parts to the scrap yard, sure wish I had those parts today. I took a sledge hammer to a brand new Nash engine block, before scraping it.Great job for a teenager. In one of the warehouses they even had that first Durant they sold. Their story ,I was just a kid and it looked right to me. Nice people , if you need a new Mopar go check them out. If you need Nash parts I’m pretty sure they are out of stock


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