The MYSTICS will be playing for THE PROM at Patty’s Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Id June 18 2011

Cruise Oregon coming to Boise Idaho July 14 & 15 2011

Last year this cruise had 133 cars.I’m sure most of these haven’t been seen here in Boise. They will be having dinner at Patty’s Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho  at 5:30 pm July 15th. Drop by see their cars and give them a big Boise Idaho welcome. Here are photos of one of the cars. John Wood’s 1933 Dodge coupe

John tells me they found out about all the fun at Pattys at , so check out the fun at Pattys and be sure to drop by and see the cruisers on the 15th

31st annual Oldies But Goodies Drags FIREBIRD Raceway June 4th & 5th 2011

And don’t forget the Oldies are also official buy a Baron a beer day. Bud Light please.

Mopars Unlimited of Idaho at Peterson’s Stampede

The Mopars will be having their annual Mopars and Cars in the park June 4th 2011, in the Nampa park.

A couple of weeks back the Mopars had their meet and greet at Petersons

They had close to 40 Mopars show up

1965 , my favorite

Bob Austin and his Lancer, hey I got it right, I usually call it a Valiant

I hope I got that right. Oh well you sat tomato I say Spud

Peterson Stampede / Peterson Motors has been a long time Idaho family business. They have been around so long you could have bought a brand new Durant from them. When I was kid they were selling Ramblers. I even worked for them a summer when I was high school, 1966 or 67. I spent the summer taking brand new Hudson and Nash parts to the scrap yard, sure wish I had those parts today. I took a sledge hammer to a brand new Nash engine block, before scraping it.Great job for a teenager. In one of the warehouses they even had that first Durant they sold. Their story ,I was just a kid and it looked right to me. Nice people , if you need a new Mopar go check them out. If you need Nash parts I’m pretty sure they are out of stock

Gerry and the Dream Benders rocked the parking lot at Patty’s Burger Time Saturday night

Dancing the night away

Great food and happy faces

Cool cars, Best Burgers and Rock n Roll , GREAT party

Even a Skatress to take your order. If you can’t have fun at Patty’s you just can’t have fun. Thanks Patty for having such a great place for us to hang out at. See more of the Patty’s fun at

Baron Randy with his new purchase at the Barons swap meet

Baron Randy purchased this fantastic BEER HAT for only $1.00 at the Barons swap meet

Baron Randy the BEER-O-Meter was walking the grounds making announcements over the speaker in his hat. Ask Baron Rosie to show you the videos she made with her phone. Did you notice Randy has 2 beers in his hat and 1 in his hand? I guess two beers in your hat is better than one beer in your hand, or was that birds. Then there’s that bats in the belfry saying

Barons Car Club 2010 yearbook “OOPS”

I owe Baron Tony and his granddaughter Jr Baron Brianna an apology.I left her photo off the Jr Baron page nof the yearbook.  My only excuse is old age and senility. Brianna is in fact the second Junior Baron in the club, so make sure you have Brianna sign your yearbook. I’m making an insert of Brianna that you can slide into your yearbook and have her sign. We all hope to see Brianna at the Junior Barons Autoshop!

May 22 2011 for those of you left behind from the rapture the Barons Car Club is having a swap meet at Patty’s Burger Time

Buy Sell Trade and Patty will be open for breakfast

Gerry & the Dreambenders British Invasion Rock & Roll this Saturday May 21 2011 at Patty’s Burger Time

Barons benefit Car Show 2011 Passionate for Pediatrics

A big thank you to all of you that supported this fund rasier on a cloudy , rainy day.The Bank of the Cascades employees are still working on the money part, but I understand we beat last year. That we is all of you, we had a fun time and helped  the kids. How do you have more fun than that. The photos are up at drop by and have a look. I also have a DVD that has all the 2011 show photos  seen on zenfolio, plus more photos of the day. It is 40 minutes long and you can buy one for $10.00. The money raised by the DVD will go towards the 2012 show expense. See me at bench racing or at Patty’s Burger Time  1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho to order your copy. Live out-of-town? add a couple of bucks and I will mail you a copy. Thanks again, you make a difference.

Soon to be a Baron for a day.

Valve cover racers, fun for the kids and the big kids

Hot Dog eating contest, MoonDoggie style

Donations appreciated  in any amount

Lots of raffle prizes, hey I even won one.Thanks T Shirts plus in Boise Town Square for my prize.

See you guys on the street