Baron Larry’s Alien Mind Control Deflector


Since Baron Larry’s cow, Daisy, was abducted by aliens Larry has become increasingly concerned about alien mind control. While most people feel that a tin foil hat will protect them, Larry has done considerable research and has found that he’s had no mind control since using this device. The no-cost extra option is that it can be used for your corn flakes in the mornings.

Note the clever disguise to keep the aliens from realizing the device has been installed…

With the extra cost-optional cloaking device, aka cowboy hat, even your closest friends will not be able to tell that you’re wearing the Alien Mind Control Deflector. Get yours now…see Baron Larry for details.

Pattys Burger Time Photos 4-23-2011

To see more photos from The Saturday Night Cruise at Patt’ys Burger Time go to

Barons Car Club Car Show May 15 2011 Buy your shirt saturday night at Patty’s Burger Time

Shirts are $10.00 or $12.00 for XXL.Proceeds go to kids , it’s all for the kids. If you have already bought a shirt wear it Saturday night to show your support, also I won’t have to strong arm you to buy one. If you haven’t bought one don’t get left out. Bring your $10.00 and help the kids

Leave food out in your back yard and you will have trouble with Racoons, Leave Beer in your unlocked trunk and you will have trouble with Barons


Ok it’s just ROOT BEER and jr Barons , but it’s the same principle

Surfs Up black & White photo

See more photos of Patty’s Burger Time cruise at

Patty’s Burger Time 4-16-2011 Tennis Shoe Cowboys played for the party

Saturday was good weather even with the threat of rain. One band dropped out due to weather, but the Tennis Shoe Cowboys, filled their shoes nicely. The rain held off until late and the party was on. If you missed Burger Time last Saturday you can see the photos at . Don’t miss Patty’s  next weekend, and she is happy to see you during the week for lunch or dinner.

Thanks to everyone who bought a Barons car Show T shirt, remember the money goes to the kids. Barons car Show May 15 2011

I saw members from several car clubs Saturday night including: Mopars unlimited, Rif -Raf car club,The Death Traps,Gear Jammers , The Barons and more

Black & White Hot Rod photos National Hot Rod Association