Barons help decorate Rennies new house during the move

Rennie’s new house has one of those deity / flower grottos. The Barons helped her out with the decorating. Yes it is a work in progress. I understand we have to start over as Shad has disposed of the tower of babble.

Update on Rennie’s broken foot…yes, that foot that was conveniently broken before the move started…yes that foot that makes it so she can’t drive so I have to take the Junior Barons to & from school…that foot that has a chunk broken out of the bone…and the doctor says it’s one of the rarest of breaks, usually found only in car crashes…the same foot thatI took her to the orthopedist for today,  and she predicted the doctor would tell her she could walk on it. Well…she has evidently faith-healed herself because the doctor said she can walk on it as soon as it doesn’t hurt. P.S. Don’t ask her to show you her Fred Flintstone foot with the little fat toes!


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