Calling all Barons , join in the FUN!

The Barons benefit car show will be held May 15 2011.The executive committee has volunteered a group of people to head up show responsibilities. We have met and gone over these responsibilities. Please feel free to join in the fun, call one of the responsible people and volunteer to help them.

Sponsors Lloyd Kangas

Awards  Larry Livesay

Activities   Jimmy the T

Parking Moon Doggie

Valve Cover Racing , Moon Doggie and Jaime Hyde

Food Kathy Wood

Raffle  “FLASH” Joey Kreiter

Advertising , Flyers Larry Livesay

Finances The Bank Ladies

Every thing is going smooth , but there is lots of work to be done. We need donations , raffle prizes and ….? Dig in and help , remember it is all for the kids, with a lot of fun thrown in for us.

Thanks Rick

Is that a 1/A Idaho plate on this old black & white chopped Hot Rod photo

I found this old photo and it looks like an Idaho plate. Do you know this car? it’s not one I remember

Barons Car Show 2011 T shirts are now available

Get your Barons T shirt today. Proceeds go the charity , not to the club.Help us help the kids. Be sure and save May 15 2011 for the show. Bring your car , or just come to see the cars. Passionate for  Pediatrics Benefit car show. Free Car entry , free to the public. Buy raffle tickets , food support the charity.

NEW this year  at 3pm Cruise down 12th past the hospital

All donations are welcome and appriciated.

T shirts are $10.00 and $12.00 for 2XL

See you at Larry’s Sporting goods Nampa Idaho on May 15th for the show

Is Greg Schwanke the STIG ?

Is  it just coincidence that Stig and Schwanke both start with S? Check out Gregs driving style

Correct driving position with rear engine just like a formula 1 driver

Uncanny resemblance

Greg was forced to retire after an unfortunate wheel barrow racing crash in Idaho.

Some say he has a full head of hair , but wears a bald wig to hide his identity… others say he is married and met his wife in the back of a hippie van in the 70’s . All we  know is he is BARON GREG !!

But is he also the STIG, check the facts and decide for yourself

Recieved my 2010 Barons Car Club yearbook today

I will have it at bench racing on thursday if you would like to see it

To see more photos of the Barons adventures go to

Baron Flash has sent me photos of her Ford with the motor out

Jimmy the T , Now Baron Flash with her motor out. Both are Fords and I hope it stays confined to the Fords and doesn’t spread to the rest of us. Both expect full recovery by the car show.

Jimmy the T gets his name from driving a Ford T, Flash drives a Ford Mustang, how did she get the name FLASH ?

Baron Jimmy the T gets a little help from his friends

Jimmy the T is getting the T ready for the spring RUMBLES

I think Baron Jimmy went to the Baron Larry school of mechanics

Baron MoonDoggie and Jr Baron Moon Puppie drop by to help

Thanks to Baron Teresa for the photos. To see more adventures of the Barons go to