Hot Rods at Patty’s Burger Time January 29 2011

Not a bad turn out for January

Daves 1954 Chevrolet

Important tools to carry when you drive a T speedster. Tow rope and starting fluid. To see more photos of this car go to  gallery Patty’s Burger Time 2011

OK back to Baron Larry’s 2″ problem

Larry if your fan is too close to your radiator , remove the 2″ spacer. Thanks to Jimmy the T , he brought tech specs for  you on Saturday to Patty’s

Now Jimmy the T has a little problem also, this is his oil pressure, actually he says it drops below 0 when he starts it. Baron Larry please note he is using a 3″ adapter on his pressure guage. Hopefully all hot rods will be up and running soon, the RUMBLES will start soon

Black & White photo , hopped up Model A and a Model T Ford at the start line

Both are running 4 bangers, both are race ready waiting for the hand drop. The A is running Winfield and the T RoJo

Pssst, don’t ask Baron Debbie about Baron Larry’s 2″ problem

You should have Larry tell you the water pump story, it is amazing. But don’t tell him I sent you. He is still mad about the time I reported that he wanted bread. But you deserve the news and you are going to get it. 

This report is sponsored by Paul ( The worlds oldest Jr Baron) and his new book ” How To Do Plumbing with a Sledge  Hammer”

Baron Larry on the right , before the 2″ problem

The Fiat 500 is coming back to the USA in Feb, I wonder if it will be the Hurst model

As we have seen on Top Gear the Abarth 500 is a go-er. But with some Hurst mounts …..

Ok  Clarkson won’t like it and it won’t go fast around the track , not much room for groceries, but it would be fun

Pattys Burger Time 1-22-2011 great food and the weather is getting better

Pattys on Orchard in Boise Idaho, a bit cool but not bad in the Sun. Bob Austin and Mel Eggleston were there around noon in their civilian vehicles. But the diehards showed up in their Hot Rods , Muscle cars . Rosie drove her GTO , Bob Beamguard in his 56 Chevy, Flash & Mike in the Mustang, Wes in his Chev pickup and Dave with his new 54 Chevy

Wes looking KOOL , not cold just COOL

Black & White photo 1940’s Baseball team

Marsing Idaho high school baseball team, check out the 36 Ford and the sailor