How do you know when it’s time to drink Beer ?

Age old questions , which came first the chicken or the egg? What time is the right time to start drinking? Some say after 5:00pm, it’s got to be 5 somewhere, Some after noon , it’s got to be noon somewhere and others say Beer is not just for breakfast anymore. This can be confusing, so I have come up with the universal answer. In the Barons Car Club we have several “SPECIAL” officers such as The Rumble Master, The Chairman , The Dictator, the Rules master ” there Are no rules” and others. At the Christmas party I have assigned one more. THE BEEROMETER. We can now answer the question of when is it time to drink beer. Just look to Randy Fullmer, the BEEROMETER and if he is drinking beer, it is time.

I know we can count on Randy


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