Baron Debbie, the smart Baron & her 1954 Ford pick-up Hot Rod

Baron Debbie brought her very nice 54 over from canyon county for the parade. We all had watched the weather and the snow was to come in the afternoon. surprise it stated early, if you watched the parade on TV, you could see , big engine, big tires no weight is a problem in the snow. It was only fair the weatherman from channel 7 was there to help get the sliding truck back on it’s way.Now for the smart part, she decided it was safer for her , the truck and the people on the road to have the truck towed back. Baron “significant other” John Wood was called to haul her home.John had been following Jimmy the T and The Rumbler over the last couple of wet rumbles just waiting for moisture to get our ignition, but Debbie got the first ride on the official Barons tow truck. If you need a tow  in the Boise Idaho area call  John at Northwest Towing  208-866-8910 , 208-866-2916

You can see more photos of the Hiot Rods in the holiday parade at


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