Party Hard

My first car 1957 Chevy

The first car I bought was this 57 Chevy, drove it to Boise High School.Sold it when I got married in Sept 1969, Thought I was supposed to grow up and be practical. Bought a 1964 red Corvair , 4 speed. Thought I was buying a sportscar with that 4 sp. I was wrong.

 I took a lot of photos of cars even back then , but this is the only photo I took of my 57.I even have more photos of that bloody Corvair.

I stand corrected, my wife reminded me I took a photo of her in front of the 57

Last Barons Bench Racing Session for 2010, Who drove their Barons cars?

The Brewmaster & the Rumbler

1/1/11 First Hot Rod Party of the year Patty’s Burger Time

Don’t forget to drop by Patty’s 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho, noon till ?. New Years Day 2011

Check out photos from last year at http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

1965 Pontiac GTO red convertible

Rosie’s GTO when were building it in 1995

The 64 GTO has a hole in hood because we had a T/A motor in it with a shaker hood scoop, when we changed motors again the scoop didn’t line up.

Here is a photo of the 65 last summer on a run to T willy’s

1967 Pontiac GTO at the 5 & Diner Reno Nevada

I had this car for 21 years, sold it to a guy in Washington a couple of years back. I hope he has it back on the road it was a fun car

Be sure and bring your musclecar to Patty’s Burger Time 1273 S Orchard on 1/1/11. Party starts at noon

The Wall of Death

Last summer during the out of the blue rumble, the brave , the proud the few Barons rode the wall of death.A patch has now been made and you may proudly display this on your jacket

The question has been asked . Was alcohol involved? Dumb question