Charioteers Car club from the 60’s Hot Rod guys still hanging out

I had the privilege last Monday to hang with some of the “Old” Charioteers . One was all the way from Florida. Real Hot Rodders like old Hot Rods just keep on going. Thanks for the heritage



  1. Hello,

    Great site first of all. I have a question. My dad was a Charioteer in southern california and I want to find a plaque to buy for him as a surprise. Any idea where I could find one for sale?

    • My name is Lorin Seidman, President of the Charioteers Car Club of Henderson, Nevada, established in 1954. Some of our members are interested in going to your are for one of your local car events and meeting our cousins in rods. Please post any upcoming shows in your area happening this spring or summer

      • We would love have you guys show up . Mark May 17th 2015 on your calendar. More info to follow Rick Barons Car club

      • Thank you so much for your response, I will present this at our next meeting and see how many people are willing to commit to going. Sounds exciting! Thanks, Lorin

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