Trunk or Treat Patty’s Burger Time Oct 30 2010 BE THERE

Bring your car , Candy , Kids,  Grandkids and don’t forget to have fun. This is open to everyone, if you have never been to Burger Time , this is the time . 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

Patty’s Burger Time 2011 Calendar

The 2011 calendar will be here Saturday for the Trunk or Treat event at Burger Time(12-3). Make sure you stop by and check it out, it’s only $10!

Thanks to the This n That car group for a fine car show last Saturday

Here are some photos of the cool car awards. Voting was done by the car participants.There were a couple more winners that Ididn’t get shots of. 10 winners in all

People Choice Award 1956 Ford Vicky

To see more photos from the event go to

The Barons cruize Grovers Pay & Pack Franklin in Boise

After the This N That car show Baron Larry wanted to cruize by Grovers to see his brother Paul, so we all went. It was nice to be in a clean , well stocked NON big box store,I had forgotten how nice that was. Next time you need electrical or plumbing drop by a Grovers

Antique Teenagers

Antigue teenagers a little shop worn , but still teenagers on the inside

The Barons go to the This n That benefit car show at Schucks auto parts

Oct 23 2010 The This n That classic car group held a Benefit Car show at Schuck’s / O’Reilly Auto Parts for Janet Cole. You can see more photos at . Also in this folder you can see the rest of the Barons car club’s day. We drop in to see the club’s oldest Jr. Baron at Grovers Pay and Pac  and then onto Patty’s Burger Time. We start our day at McDonalds …

Now that would make a fine fine Barons Hot Rod

The Lady in Red, Baron Debbie 1954 Ford Hot Rod pick-up

Baron Debbie had her Hot Rod pinstriped by Doug Batchelor in Mt Home. Be sure at check it out, GREAT job

There are more stripes on the truck so check them out next time you see this way cool Hot Rod

The bravest member of the Barons Hot Rod car gang

The lady watching is the owner of the 1954 Ford pickup hot rod, Baron Debbie. Baron Jimmy the T is dropping trash into her truck. I don’t think this will work out for Jimmy. When he gets out of the hospital we will ask him

Badges….? We don’t need no stink-in badges

Do you know the 55 Crown Vic in these photos

Yes the Dodge should read 413, but it is on the photo so I didn’t bother to change it. Focus on the 55 Ford in the background.The 55 Vic was in Boise Idaho and had a Chrysler motor in it