Thanks to Teresa Hyde for sharing her photos of the Yanke Rumble

Great work Teresa , I will put them on the Rumble DVD

Barons Car Club group photo at the Yanke Auto Museum

You will note the Baron of beef, Daisy is also in the photo

The Innocenti at the Barons Rumble Yanke Auto Museum

Zach , Cole and Randy Fullmer, checking out the Barons plaque on the BOMB. Randy may be trying to get Cole to remove the plaque so he can use it on his 33 Ford Coupe

At Sundays Rumble to Yanke’s Automobile Museum, Rennie is presented with a thank you

Baron Larry presenting a thank you gift card from the Barons to Rennie for all that she and her family do.

When you check out the Barons photos on ,hers are the sharp, great contrast photos, mine are the snap shots

NEWS FLASH ! Daisy the cow returned to Baron Larry

Great news Daisy has found her way back. She showed up at Sunday’s Rumble . We may never know if it was an alien cow abduction or just a cruel joke, but Larry is happy once again.The only odd thing is the strange alien type marking on her hind quarter. Looks like a brand in the form of  MD. Drink Milk? Are they dyslexic? Is it a medical mark for doctor? Maybe ” M”oon”D”oggie can help figure this one out.

Baron Larry first sets eyes on Daisy. Note the eagle also in the photo

Baron Larry asking MoonDoggie about the strange marking on Daisy

Check out Baron Stanley, right hand edge and the Eagle, they have a past…

Yes Baron Larry is kissing his cow

Looks like MoonBeam has never seen a man kiss his cow before

Baron Larry has a little tear of joy at Daisy’s safe return

Baron Debbie, Larry’s wife shows her great joy at the return of Daisy

There is a little more to the story, when you go to and look at the Yanke Rumble gallery you will see Baron Larry has locked Daisy in his 35 Chevy coupe for safe keepng, only later to find her grazing by the sign. Larry you need to keep a closer eye on her or at least on MoonDoggie!

Bob and Karen Beamguard Remembering High school days

The Barons car club went to Yankes museum today and this is part of the Murrays display. They look just like they did a couple of years back at Boise High

Tailgate party at Patty’s Burger Time last night for the Broncos win over the Beavers

Thanks Patty for providing us a great place to watch the game, great food , beverages and good company.Oh and leaving Patty’s was a no hassle traffic pattern

I will share more photos later

P.S  No Daisy sightings were had during the game.