Photos from Livesay Raceway Marsing Idaho

On the way to the Rumble in Notus, the Barons stopped by Baron Larry’s downhill raceway. Gravity racing on a garden cart…these are NOT professionals, but still don’t try this at home!

Baron Larry at the start line…

So far so good…

Larry finishes at the gate. He claims first place because he raced first (and it’s his track), but he didn’t go the farthest!

Big Mike at the start line…this is gonna be bad…

No style points here…can you say ‘out of control?’

Due to techincal difficulties, Big Mike finishes a little early.

Baron Rick at speed and already ahead of Big Mike.

Baron Rick ahead of Larry’s first place finish and headin’ for the curve.

Baron Larry may have won first place by running first, but Baron Rick made it all the way around the  curve!

Baron Lloyd. Racing Tip: to steer you need to lean your whole body, not just your legs.

Look out, you’re too tight on the corner….this can’t be good…

Uh-oh, he’s down…

“I’m okay” just a little road rash.

Baron Rodger at the start line – he has a long way to go to beat the record…can he do it?

Out of control just like Mike in about the same spot…

Head first off the cart…this is NOT good!

Style Points winner!! Crash & Burn winner! Tuck & roll, tuck & roll…give him another beer!

Well, from here we’re off to terrorize Notus. Check for more photos from the Notus Rumble.  Photos should be up by mid-week.


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