Rennies Photos from Saturday night are now uploaded on . mine should be up tomorrow. Some of the Barons Rumble to MoonDoggies are also up

Don’t forget 9/11/201 Mystics are at Patty’s

Baron Larry interrogating a suspect in the Daisy the cow mystery

MoonDoggie has been the prime suspect and with that hat he may be contacting aliens. Daisy is still missing, but the Barons searched hard during this Sundays Rumble at MoonDoggies place.  There was a lot of ground to cover so we had to find  a way to know if another Baron had already searched there. The name of the Baron who set up this brilliant plan must remain a confidential source ( investigative reporter talk). But I can tell you all the Barons cooperated in the Search method.

A beer bottle, sorry and empty beer bottle would be left in the location that was searched, letting each Baron know that the area had been searched.I know your question, what if you run out of empty beer bottles. No problem , pick up your cell phone and call our newest member and he would rush, fresh , cold , full bottles to your location. Good job Zak. It was now the Barons responsiblity to empty the bottle and leave the marker. Congratulations Barons you did your job. Sadly Daisy wasn’t found , but we have cleared MoonDoggie in this great mystery.

We Barons may have to back to the scene of the crime and check out Baron Larry’s beer supply, I ment the pasture area

Saturday Aug 28 Valve Cover races at Patty’s Burger Time 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho

If you haven’t seen valve cover races you are in for a treat, come by Saturday evening and check them out. The food is always fresh and tasty. All are welcome car or not. Check out all of Patty’s ice cream treats too.

Any Daisy sightings can be given directly to Baron Larry, he will be there with his valve cover and new driver

Cow Alert ,Abducted by Aliens , Rustlers or a cruel joke

Baron Larry’s prize cow Daisy came up missing after last Saturday’s storm. The storm may have been a cover for alien ships landing and abducting Daisy. Baron Larry does have  landing lights in the same pasture and some very strange things happen at pond just down the road. Then there is the time a naked woman stole the neighbors tractor. You say “It’s Marsing” like these things are normal. I agree , but you don’t steal a mans cow. It is either the aliens or Moon Doggie. I checked the fair , she wasn’t any where near the beer booth, I checked several times. This investigative reporter is not going to let this be swept under the rug. Be sure and send any sighting to me. Except the cow jumping over the moon , we know that is not Daisy

Help Baron Larry bring his prize cow home.

Baron Larry will be at Sundays Rumble , be sure and buy him a beer for comfort.

Thanks to Shad,Rennie and the boys for inviting us to share their day at the fair

Thanks for the tickets and food too, it’s always a pleasure when Dad doesn’t have buy. I will be sharing some more fair photos.

I think this photo may be as funny as Rodger in the down hill race

No Shad I have no idea how that photo got on the blog. I suppose I’ll have to pay my own way next year. Thanks again

I’ll be taking my brother Larry to the fair on wednesday, so say  hi if you are there.

Now uploaded Wes’s Hot Rod Party of the year & Barons swap meet

Thanks again to Dale Hope for a great party. Check out the fun at  . Plus you can see the photos of Sundays swap meet. After Dale and Wes’s party Saturday night , no loud noises were allowed till noon.

OOPs I almost forgot to add Rodgers photo, he was at the party. But in an upright postion

Kathy Wood is now an official member of the Barons Car Club

Kathy recieved her plaque and membership, Sunday at the Barons swap meet. Welcome to the club Kathy

Ok Rodger’s crash has nothing to do with this post, I just think it’s funny