Rennie and I went downtown Boise Idaho on a photo safari

Here are a few photos I took during the hunt of the hunter and the hunted. Check out Rennies web site at

Dylan & Logan were looking for the big game

Old Black & White photos Lake Fork Motor Co wrecker & garage mechanics

The wrecker is being used to butcher a cow

One of these guys is Lloyd Kangas’s dad

Glenn’s Hot Rod T roadster with Real Flames

Be sure and check out his Patty’s After Dark photo at

Very interesting article in Rod & Custom Oct 2010 By the editor

Behind the wheel by Rob Fortier, I sometime snooze by his article , but this one should cause some talk. I will let you make up your own mind on this one , but I know how it reads to me. Pick up a copy , great title “Biters”

Baron Bob on a Hot Saturday night with his way cool 56 Chevy

Original Baron Bob

Old Black & White photo of Texaco gas station in Donnelly Idaho

Patty’s after dark Hot Rod Photos

To see more of these go to . If you want a shot of your car at Patty’s after dark, see Rennie

Check out the sharpness of Rennies new L glass lens on Rosies Rat Fink

Go to to see a full resolution copy of this in the Pattys gallery

Prom photos prints are available at Patty’s Burger Time tonight. It also national Tequila day

Rosie read it somewhere Saturday July 24 is national tequilia day. We stared today in Hyde park at 10:00 AM, please do your part to celebrate this national holiday. Oh it’s also happy Morman day, you choose you holiday.

Rosie is taking donations of tequilia, please give freely.

Do they make tequila flavored beer?

Baron Lloyd Kangas with his high school hot rod & lettermans jacket

Photo was taken in 1968, 1936 Plymouth coupe, Lloyd in the Borah High School lettermans jacket

The 57 Chevy belongs to the guy in the suit