Barons Rumble to Bruce’s shop, the angry Larry doll,Bens Crow Inn & Timmy B

Thanks to the Rumblemaster Jimmy the T for another great Rumble. As always, unique things happen during a Rumble. A young lady pulled up as we were all hanging out in front of Bruce’s shop. She said “I’m looking for my father.” All of guys turned and ran. She then said “Tony.” Phew! was heard all around, and we gave her Tony Howell. She gave him back and drove away on her quest.

Ginger has large doll collection, the ladies…and Larry went to check it out. The next thing I know the angry Larry doll was on my cowel. Larry denies the action, but in the photo you can see him at the edge. Larry suggested I look something up in Funk and Wagnals. I think he is still upset from  the “I need bread” I reported on last week. We must remember I only report the news, I don’t make it up.

Timmy B asked “What is Funk & Wagnals?”

Thanks for the Beer Bruce, Ginger, and the Brewmaster Tony” I’m your daddy” Howell. We needed it today!

Angry Larry doll

What is Larry pouring on his salad? You ask him, I’m already in the federal blog protection program.

The group, I’m taking the photo, where’s Karen? Bob says “She’s already in the bar.” Okay, enough photos , let’s get in there before she drinks all the beer.

Ummmmmmm Beer!

Ok which is worse, I catch him gazing out the window at his pals? Or that he posed for the photo because Jimmy the T suggested it?

Very important note! Timmy is not yet a Baron and supposedly Timmy and Ginger placed the angry Larry doll. Demerits for Timmy…


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