Baron Larry said there have not been enough photos on the blog

Here are some photos from todays bench racing. Rodger Bender also joined us today for coffee , donuts and bench racing

Baron Larry

Rodger Bender and Tony Howell

Jimmy the T was there, but he didn’t want his picture taken with the Elk again

The Rumblers firewall is painted, the body is next

The ivory paint is on the firewall, The orange should be on the body this weekend

Photos of Timmy B dancing the night away at Patty’s Burger Time Boise Id

Last  Saturday Jr & the StingRays played at Patty’s, here are a couple of photos of our regular DJ , having a good time

Another day closer to paint on the Hot Rod

Thanks to Billy and Jesse for the help.

Heap Herders Car Show Caldwell Idaho 2010

Annual Spring Bling car show, big turnout. I will add photos of this event to . Check back in the next few days for Rennies photos of the event.

I think the young man in the lower left corner has found his new girlfriend, her name is Mustang Sally and she has her own car

Patty’s Burger Time Saturday night was standing room only

It was very hard to get photos of the cars with soooo, many people around. You can see more photos at

Heap Herders car show in the Caldwell Park Patty’s Burger Time Saturday night in Boise

Be sure to come to the Heap Herders , The Barons will be there. Patty’s Burger Time Saturday night 1273 S orchard Boise Idaho. JR and the StingRays, LIVE Rock and Roll, the Oldies way

Bench racing photos plus I have the T shirts you can get them Saturday or call me if you need them tonite

Timmy B is called to Larry’s office, this can’t be good

The Elk won the staring contest again

Ok it was good , afterall

The Hot Rod’s trunk lid is now orange

Monday after the Barons car show. I took the Rumbler down. We have been working on getting it ready for paint. Yesterday we decided we wanted to see the color, so I spent all day wet sanding the trunk lid with it’s 166 louvers,long day. Today John shot the paint. These throw away camera shots don’t do justice to the “BRITE”.

Thank you to all those who came to the Barons Car Show on Sunday

A special thank you to Baron Larry for hosting the event. When the bank ladies get the numbers together I will share them with you. Rennie , Logan , Shad and I took lots of photos that are on  and more will be added over the next couple of days. A really big thank you goes out to friends of the Barons ,Timmy B & Gloria.The music and the kids games. Rosie shot a video of the show that has some great footage of the games. I should have it with me for the bench racing this week