Barons Shop Rumble 2 started with a special breakfast for Baron Larry

Shop rumble 1 started with breakfast at the Eagles lodge. Baron Larry really enjoyed the gravy. At the next bench racing session he told us all that he loved gravy so much he would eat a 2by 4 if covered in gravy. Some of the Barons stopped by the Eagles for breakfast before Rumble 2. Yes you know what happened, Baron Wayne, also an Eagle, served Larry a 2by4 covered in gravy. Baron Larry said it was good but could not finish it so he brought me some in a to go box. I declined as I’m not a fan of gravy. Larry thinks I set this up but, all of you that know me…would I do a thing like that?

We met up a Patty’s Burger Time and cruised over to Baron John Treharne’s fantastic shop for great times, beer, and bench racing. Thanks to Jimmy the T, Rumblemaster, for setting up the another great shop tour. 15 cars and close to 40 people showed up for the Rumble. Next month we’ll hope that Randy Fullmer shows up!

Thank you to John for opening your shop up for us, and thank you to Rennie Cloninger,, for tagging along to take photos of the day. You’ll be able to see these in a couple of days on the Barons’ website as well as

Baron Larry, Membership Chairman, accepted 2 new Barons at today’s Rumble. Check the website in a few days for updates on these new members.


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