Welcome to Barons New Member Steve Matlock – Photos of Thursdays Bench Racing

Steve has finally moved from Junior Assistant Plebe to a full member of the Barons. Membership Chairman Larry required, as a pre-requisite for becoming a full member, that he bring his vintage Bucket T to bench racing on Thursday, and had to promise that it will be driveable for the Boise Roadster Show in March. And even after all that, it was a close call until he and Jimmy the T worked out the deal on the dual 4’s setup for the Tall T.

Tony’s granddaughter, Breanna, is our newest Junior Baron. She was given this honor because she loves to go to the cruises with her grandpa Tony. Here they show off their Barons jackets at bench racing on Thursday. She also managed to “steal” the valve covers at the Barons Christmas party – so watch for her new valve cover racer at Patty’s Burger Time this season.

Okay, so I didn’t tell Rosie that I stole her GTO on Thursday, but got busted because she read the blog! So, since I had to ‘fess up, I can show the picture of the Barons cars at Larry’s.


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