Had lunch with our newest Baron today

And yes he drinks Bud light , he has offered his shop for a shop tour and will bring the beer. John Treharne hung out with original Barons , but was not a member of the club back then. He is still in contact with many of them and hopefully will bring some more back into the club. I have a couple of photos of his HOT ROD 34 Ford convetable I will post soon. Welcome to the Barons ,John the first member of 2010

I am still working on the coupe so it won’t make bench racing on thursday. Maybe I will steal Rosies GTO for the day. Now Jimmy don’t tell Teresa , you know she will rat me out. I have it on good authority that Steve will have his bucket T at Larry’s on thursday. He really wants Larry to let him in.

Don’t forget to drop by Patty’s Burger Time at 1273 S Orchard Boise Idaho for great food all thru the week. Patty’s , like beer isn’t just for saturday night any more


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  1. So…stealing my GTO, huh? Don’t you know that I read the blog???


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