Photo of Baron Wes Rice The 70’s were a dark time. Hippie Wes with His truck

Yes you can tell this photo was taken in the 70’s, Wes with his 34 Chevy truck. Wes is also the clean cut guy you saw holding the pickles, I photographed last year

You can see Wes’s new Hot Rod , he built 17 years ago at . Dark green 1941 Chevy pick-up, jag rear etc

See you at Patty’s Burger Time 1273 S orchard Boise Idaho.

Old Photos of Baron Wes Rice’s High School Hot Rod 1957 Chevy

Photos of the 57 were taken in 1969, The photos of his 41 Chevy pickup were taken today. See more of Wes and the other Barons car club  members Boise Idaho at

Timmy B calling Deer and no Moondoggie that is not your car

We were at the bench racing session when we heard a rumble out side. The Chevelle could be heard blocks before it came in the parking lot , and no it is not Moondoggies. Check out Timmy and the Buck in the painting, they seem to be calling out together

If the weather isn’t too bad,we will see you Saturday around 2:00 at Patty’s Burger Time at 1273 S Orchard. Be sure and have Timmy B show you his deer call

Baron car club member Bob Beamguard’s slides 57 Chevy at Gowen road

Bobs slides from the 50’s.I have cleaned them up a bit and here they are, Bob drag racing at Gowen road, His son with his 32 Ford axel and His wife with her Ponatiac convertible

Photos of Baron Bill Stanley’s Hot Rod Chevy & Barons car club plaque

Bill was an original Barons member back in the 50’s. Then he had 48 Dodge , Blue with Blue & white tuck and roll. but the best option was the beer keg in the trunk. It was called The Blue Beer Wagon. Here are few photos of his pick-up today. Check out his plaque display

Bill parked with his truck in a towaway zone

If you want to see more of the Barons and their cars , go to

Some Ektachrome slides from Bob Beamguard back in the day 57 Chevy Gowen road drags

Poor quality copies at the moment , but I will try to fix them. Bobs 57 Chevy at Gowen road , and his wife next to her 50 Pontiac convertible.

1950 Pontiac and Bobs boy with the chrome axel for his 32 Ford coupe

Met with another original BaronCar Club member today Black & White Photos

Bob Beamguard, He had a 32 Ford 5 window coupe. 21 Stud flathead V/8, 39 trans. Black with primer. Sounds like a classic Hot Rod.Bob has accepted membership back in the Barons. Talking Hot Rods , drinking Bobs beer now thats what I call bench racing.He hasn’t found any photos of the 32 , but here are his 53 Corvette and 54 Buick. Welcome back to the Barons.1932 roadster of Hugh Williams he may have been a Gear Jammer