It’s Saturday, Dec. 26, and the Barons are at Patty’s Burger Time!

Even on a very chilly day after Christmas, some of the Barons brought their hot rods to Patty’s Burger Time at 1273 S. Orchard St. Boise, Idaho. It was Saturday, after all. Timmie B brought his backup music system and Steve the Plebe had the beer. Gloria mentioned something about barbells…I wonder if she got them for Christmas? And Steve the Plebe has a new Junior Extra Executive Plebe…we will call him Jeep. He’ll bring the doughnuts to Thursday’s bench racing session at Larry’s. Jimmy the T says he’ll bring the T even if it snows and he has to use tire chains. I’m looking forward to seeing the T chained up.

Don’t forget T Willy’s cruise at Patty’s Burger Time on New Year’s Day. We will be voting in the February 2010 Poster Car. The pictures will be in the window and Timmie B & Gloria will be taking your votes. To see photos from T Willy’s cruise 2008 & 2009 go to To see yourself there for 2010, just show up with your hot rod!


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