More Original Barons Car Club Members found

I ran into Bill Stanley at Wes Rices Shop the other day. He was an original Baron , He gave me several names including Monte McClure, I have called Montey and welcomed him back in. He drove a 40 Chop top Plymouth and a 46 Plymouth Convertible. He still has Plymouth Hot Rods today. I hope to get pictures of his rides in the near future, and I will share them with you. He also gave me some names ,I need phone numbers for . Dick Parks , Darrell Merrill , Dick Merrill and  Gwain Gould. All Original members are welcomed in. Any of you that would like to join the Barons need to see Baron Membership official ( What to you call the membership guy , when you have no real structure? ),  Larry Livesay. Including those of you that I have invited but have not accepted the invite yet, see Larry. There are no rules , no meetings , just hanging out , bench racing and some Rumbles set up by Jimmy the T. Oh yes and a beer now and then. I have reproduced the Barons car club Plaque and if you are lucky enough to have been a Baron or are invited in now, You can buy a plaque to run on your Hotrod


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